Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Someone Had a Birthday!

Guess who turned three this past week? Yes. She really did. Already three. 
Our special girl enjoyed an early birthday party with her Grandpa and Grandma, and another simple party on her actual birthday with her Nana. Loved and treasured, for sure, because all grandparents made long road trips trips to be here for the occasion.
Baby dolls, purses, costume jewelry, Minnie Mouse, and Strawberry Shortcake... turning three meant big girl gifts. And lots of pink. And lots of squeals. And lots of "so pweeeetty!" exclamations.
Annalyse was particular on what she wanted for her birthday: "When Grandpa and Grandma come I want pink cupcakes with flowers and butterflies. And when Nana comes for my birthday I want white and chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles." I smiled and said it was a done-deal, and silently sighed with relief that we've made it another year without her discovering the Disney Princesses.
She chose cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast, and a meal out at Chili's for her birthday dinner. Another smile from me as I thought about how much she enjoys the simple things.
Annalyse was, however, insistent that I stop singing Happy Birthday to her as I dressed her that morning: "Daddy isn't here with the camera so you need to wait and sing later, Mommy." Well, then. I see how it is.
Her brothers adore her - they love reading to her, trying to play baby dolls with her, as well as teaching her how to kick a soccer ball and shoot their Nerf guns.

Her Daddy is smitten - full of tenderness when he holds her, full of compliments when she spins in a pretty dress, and full of delight when she walks into the room and asks for a hug.

And her Mommy, well, I am overwhelmed with God's grace to gift her to our family. There isn't a day that passes when I don't look at her and praise God for the joy that she brings to my life.
Happy THIRD Birthday, Annalyse Joy! You are a blessing, an undeserved gift, and a treasure to our family.

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