Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost 100 Days

We've almost hit the 100 Days of School mark. I think. Technically, we're in the 80-something range, based on the daily checks I make each day for state attendance records. But, given that school kind of happened in early August and then kind of didn't happen for about four weeks over the course of this Fall, I'm not entirely sure on the for-real amount of school days.

Big deal. I've still got an activity or two planned to celebrate 100 Days of School. It'll be an easy day for me and a fun day for the boys. And, we still have a 100 more to go and I'll make better efforts as precise tracking.

But, maybe it kind of is a big deal. Do I really have an almost half-way-through-the-school-year First Grader and Kindergartner? That happened fast. Way too fast. It seems I've blinked and the time has passed. I'm just glad I've been here to do it all with them.
I think we're behind in some areas and crazy far ahead in others. I figure it will all even itself out as time goes along.

Because, for every internal eye roll I have when I see one of my boys use their fingers for basic addition or subtraction, I can also press Pause and drill the facts. A giant sidewalk-chalked calculator they have to jump around on. Manipulatives they can seen and move. An (annoying) CD that wraps math facts over and over (and over and over). When they're ready, I push Play and we continue.
But more than knowing phonics, grammar rules, basic geography facts and math facts, I'm focused on using our days to work on character issues. And boy-oh-boy, are there a lot of them to work on. And, no, not just for them, but me as well! Teaching my boys is refining me in ways nothing else would, I'm sure.

When impatience rears its ugly head, or selfishness sneaks into the day, or a disrespectful attitude is seen, I can press Pause and open my Bible. I can share God's Truth right away. I can correct or discipline and talk to their hearts immediately. When the issue is resolved, I push Play and we continue.
We are a work in progress, for sure. And as we're working on learning about God's big world and the details in it, we're working on guarding out hearts from the distractions and temptations around us. Sure, those book-heavy days that are productive feel really good. And those melt-down-heavy days that seemingly produce nothing are very draining.

If I'm honest, though, they are draining in a self-imposed sort of way.

I'm the one putting pressures on myself and my kids. I'm the one placing unreal expectations on myself and my kids. I'm the one planning and preparing and assuming too much for myself and my kids. God has asked me to take life one day at a time - and to be intentional with each day that he gives.

I'm learning that what I accomplish in one day is far less significant that how I accomplish anything. Attitude is everything and God has never asked me to be successful, but instead to be faithful to that which he has asked me to do.

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