Friday, September 21, 2012

Maxed Out

This week has been full. Super full. But I'm sure yours has, too.

You can assume when there is a lull for several days with no blog updates, it's because days are coming and going faster than I have time to share a few thoughts. (Really, though, this message is to assure all grandparents that their lovely littles are alive and well and that new pictures will be coming soon, so, please relax now.)

Monday began with a full day of school work (life-size human skeletons anyone?) and the week just blurred from that point on.

Dentist appointments \\ Speech therapy \\ Women's Bible study and kids classes \\ Wednesday evening church programs \\ Soccer practice \\ Grocery shopping and a slew of other errands (How come no matter how far you try to get ahead on these there are always more errands to run?!) \\ Haircuts \\ Care Package assembly (some lucky 40 college students have treats coming their way!) \\ Pumpkin farm \\ Bike rides \\ Baking apple crisp and pumpkin cookies \\ Girls Night Out... until 11:30 pm (For me this is waysuperduperfar past my bedtime.) \\

And somewhere in there was laundry and dinner making and toilet cleaning and vacuuming and all those other don't-let-too-many-days-go-between-these-chores-or-it'll-bite-me-later.

Wait? Did I mention the minor fender bender I was involved in? Yeah, that happened this week, too. (No, Grady Lee, that was not exciting. No, Micah, mom is not going to jail so please stop crying. No, Annalyse, you cannot get out of your seat and play while we wait on the side of the road for Mr. Policeman to come.)

But now it's late Friday afternoon and the weekend is ahead of me. For the first time in (drum roll please) several weekends, we have nothing planned for Saturday evening. What to do, what to do? Smores in the backyard, bubble bath, a good book, movie on the couch, blogging catch-up... all the above? Who knows.

I do know, though, that I have every intention of being home.

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