Monday, September 17, 2012

Happiness Is Being Together

Would you believe that I'm still sorting through all the pics I took during our week at the Outer Banks? Of course you can. That's because you've already seen way more than you wanted, and you know me entirely too well to know that a collage of pics in a handful of posts is all I've got.

Rest assured - the remaining hundreds will be filed and set aside for personal musings on lazy afternoons. But since a lazy afternoon hasn't happened since the day I brought my firstborn home, I'm thinking it will be more like an evening of reminiscing once kids have grown and left the house.
Our summer is totally and officially over now. For real this time. 

It has to be: my mantle has acorns and pumpkins; I'm baking anything I can with apples; closets are stocked with long sleeve T's and jeans; and all the inflatable pool gear is up on shelves or in boxes in the garage. When we said goodbye to the Outer Banks, we said goodbye to summer. 
I'm in love with my little family. We are active together. We learn together. We laugh together. We explore together. We grow together by being together

Vacations are a great time to step away from the routine and step into the adventure. New places to go; new things to do; new foods to try; new animals to see; new people to meet; new opportunities to explore - and it's all done together.
During our week away, my heart swelled each time I saw my husband toss my boys around the pool. Or kick a soccer ball with them on the beach. Or lay on his stomach to reach way deep down into the hole they were digging to China.

I smiled when I saw him play baby dolls with our little girl. Or when he shared a snack on the couch while watching a cartoon. Or when he told me to keep sleeping and he would get up at 7:00 am and play with her until everyone else was awake.

Vacation reminded me how much I adore my husband in the simple things. He is a helper and a giver and a sacrificer. 
During our week away I remembered why I enjoy the energy and sense of adventure my kids have. True, there were times a book on the beach would have been fun, but really, there is nothing more satisfying than listening to sheer joy from little boys jumping in waves or a little girl catching a sand crab. Priceless.

I was able to relax by being active with my kids. Sounds strange, I know. But, by participating in games and activities as a family - doing things that everyone is doing together - created a sense of unity and buillt a mountain of memories that won't fade.
So, goodbye Summer and hello Autumn. My family made the most of you, Summer, and you kept us busy with camps and VBS's and vacations and afternoons by the pool. You gave us lots of chances to do things together.

And now, Autumn, we're excited to enjoy a new season of family togetherness in all that you offer.

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  1. I'm so glad y'all had such a GREAT vacation! TOGETHER is the BEST place to be;) I'm with you though...fall is just as fabulous! Bring on the sweaters, jeans, and hayrides;)