Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Champs

What is your favorite sport to play? How come?

Grady Lee: "Soccer! Cause I am very good at it, like the defense part."

Micah: "Um, baseball. Because that's the goodest sport for exercise. I use my whole body muscles."
How many goals do you think you'll make this season?

Grady Lee: "Um, probably 20 or so."

Micah: "Well, I think about 10."
Do you like Daddy being your coach? How come?

Grady Lee: "Yes because he is a good coach."

Micah: "Yes! He is my daddy."
Do you think Annalyse will play soccer someday, too? Will she be good at it?

Grady Lee: "Yes. She may play a different sport though, too, like baseball. Do girls play baseball? I don't think she'll play football, though, because that's mostly for boys."

Micah: "Yes. Yes because I will teach her how to play."
Do you like to get dirty and sweaty? How come?

Grady Lee: "Yes! I play hard and hustle and that makes my head sweat."

Micah: "No because I don't like to take a shower when I get home from my game."
CHAMPS :: Fall Season 2012

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