Sunday, September 16, 2012

It Passes

The signs are everywhere in my home. 
Kids live here. Kids play here. Kids dump-and-dash here.
One mess - er, episode of creative exploration - is barely picked up before the next one happens.
Sometimes this is fun to see. Sometimes this is cute to see. And, other times this is tiring to see.
But when days seem long, I try to remember that years are short. When moments seem unending, I remind myself that I blink and they are gone. 
So I don't wish any of it away. I step over a few things, muster a smile, and whisper a thank you to Jesus for entrusting me with the responsibility and the experience.


  1. Amen & AMEN! I couldn't agree more...and I'm so glad my house isn't the only one with massive train tracks to step over!

  2. Dump and Dash is such an appropriate phrase! I know I am going to miss these days...someday!!