Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Diary,

Today was a good day. Today was a special day because my Momma told me some special things.
She told me I'm the prettiest little girl she's ever seen. She told me she prays my heart will choose Jesus so that my attitude and relationships are pretty, too. 
I heard her tell me that she's proud of me and wants the very best for me. She said that there are no limits on what Jesus can do with me if I choose to obey him.  
She said that no matter what I do or where I go she will always consider me a precious treasure. She whispered in my ear that sometimes my decisions might make her sad, but her belief that Jesus is always watching me would give her reason to still smile.
And then I saw her wipe a tear and say that Jesus loves me most and cares about me most. She said even way, way, way more than she could. And that must be a whole lot because she tells everyday how much she loves me!
Since I'm not so good and saying lots of things yet, I gave her a big smile and hug instead. I think she knows I heard what she said. And I think she knows that I love her, too. 


  1. Love my precious little girl... :)

  2. This little SWEETY has a grandpa that loves her and could really use a sweety hug about now.

  3. That was adorable!!! And great pictures too, loved the little feet.