Friday, May 18, 2012

Another One Over

This Saturday my boys play their last soccer game of the Spring season. No more up-and-at-em Saturday mornings that involve frantic shuffles for cleats and shin guards and water bottles. No more sideline cheers and chants. No more over-the-top excitement for Capri Suns and snack packs of Goldfish crackers.
My boys love playing soccer. They love it because it means they can run and kick, as fast as they want, as hard as they want, and as much as they want. They love it because they get to play with friends. And they love it because Dad is their coach.
Annalyse loves soccer games because she knows it means doting girls to play with her as well as an endless supply of snacks to keep her content.
Grady loves soccer because, well, because it involves a ball. And competition. And exercise. And sweat. He's a sports man and, while he's not pushing his boys to follow suit, he does get pretty excited when they show an interest and an aptitude in a particular sport.
I love soccer games because it's a riot to watch my little men get competitive and play with all their hearts. It's so fun to see the progress they make from season to season, and, I admit, I get a big ole smile on my face when one of them boots the ball into the goal.
I won't be at their last game tomorrow. I won't see the smiles when they get that gaudy, shiny trophy. I won't hear the laughs when they slide and jump on the blow-up trampolines during the after-party. Sadness!
We leave for Boliva tomorrow afternoon and I have a couple (hundred) things to do between now and then. So, while I'm putting clean sheets on beds, organizing clothes for the kids, cleaning bathrooms, getting groceries, and giving our suitcases one final look-through, Grady will be coaching the boys and their teams for a final game.
I'm so thankful that the kids will be at our home each evening while we're gone. It minimizes the extra packing I'd have to do. But, since friends are calling my home theirs for the week you better believe that Yours Truly cannot get on a plane to leave until I know my house is clean! I'm vain and prideful like that.
So this post is for my little men. My fast running, hard kicking, soccer playing little men. Mom's sad to miss your last game, and will be waiting at the door when you get home. Waiting to help unknot your cleats and waiting to ooh and ahh over your trophies and stories from the game.
I have a feeling we're just getting started on the long haul of sports games and tournaments and awards ceremonies. And I promise to do my very best to be at as many of your games as I possibly can. I want you to know that what you get excited about and what you care about, Mom cares about too.


  1. Love my little sports guys! And I'm super proud of you guys!

  2. Aw, you are such a great sports-mama! You got some great pics this season! Aren't you so thankful for such a great atmosphere for the kids to learn sports?!!