Saturday, May 19, 2012

Adios de los Estados Unidos... Hola Bolivia!

Our bedroom has been in a state of organized chaos this past week. Chaos because Grady's method of packing is, well, throw-things-in-piles-as-he-thinks-of-them-and-then-make-it-all-fit-in-the-suitcase-the-day-we-have-to-leave kind of way.
And organized because my method of packing is a little different. Just a tad more systematic and calm. But hey, as long as my dear man has a change of the essentials I'm good with whatever method he needs to get himself packed.
Being one of the Team Leaders, and being the only female leader, prompted me to take on the be-prepared-for-most-medical-and-physical-problems role. As I was paying for things at Target the other day, the cashier matter of factly said, "Gosh, you are a well-prepared traveler." We can only prepare so much, but having been on overseas trips without medical help when we needed it most, I've learned a thing or two. Please join me in praying for good health and safety for the team?
We fly all night and arrive in Santa Cruz, Bolivia early Sunday morning. Based on the schedule we've been given, I think we hit the ground running with the opportunity to attend and speak in a small church that morning.

Monday we'll be busy interacting with college students at a local university. They'll practice their English and we'll give our best shot at returning the conversation in Spanish. And, I think our new Bolivian friends will appreciate learning some tried-and-true American games like Uno and Spoons.
Tuesday we get a good look at the Bolivian countryside via an 11-hour bus ride on unpaved roads as we travel to San Ignacio. We'll be staying a hostel there and appreciate the convenience of electricity and an occasional shower. Each morning, however, we'll load up in vans and travel to nearby villages for a day of unique ministry opportunities.
The villages we'll visit will be small and remote. So much so that most have never left their village and certainly haven't seen an American before. Electricity? Nope. Running water? Nope. Established church? Nope. Precious people who need Jesus? Yes!
Join us in praying for safety traveling to these various villages each day and pray also for the beautiful people we'll be meeting and interacting with. We want to love them and model Jesus to them.

Would you also pray that our team can be an incredible encouragement to the missionaries serving faithfully there? We want to serve and lavishly love the front line heroes who are obeying God's call on their lives. Ministry can be lonely. Obedience can be lonely. We want to be a smile-making, heart-warming, God-honoring team.

We'll have limited online access, but when we do, the team will be uploading some pictures and details about our time at


  1. Thank you for sharing more details on your trip. Count me as one stateside praying for you guys.

  2. Our little compassion girl lives in Bolivia. How fun that you'll be ministering there. Enjoy your trip. I know you'll do a great job loving on everyone you can!

  3. how awesome, have a great trip. my feet are itching to get on foreign soil again!!! -erica

  4. Yay yay yay...the day is finally here! I love the pic of Grady's piles...that was so Jason whenever he took a trip with the kids...but he was also you...prepared for anything that could happen.
    Rest assured there will be MUCH prayer coverage coming from this little home in Matthews, NC. We love you and are excited to see all that God is gonna do in and through you!!!

  5. Oh Sarah, I know you know what it's like to be sick on foreign soil & you know we will be praying for your team's health & safety!!! This post gave me wonderful, happy chills thinking of the amazing journey ahead of you guys & how God hems you in behind & before! Can't wait to hear all about the amazing things He is going to do in & through you guys on this trip! Praying for you guys & for your kids at home...I know they are going to have a ball & be well cared God be the glory, great things He has done!! Have an awesome time!!!

  6. We will pray for you. The photos remind me of Peru : )