Friday, March 2, 2012

The Simple Things

1. A new bike for Micah. Well, it's a new bike to him and he thinks it's the coolest and fastest racing bike around.

2. Childcare for my kids each Friday morning. Grady Lee has a couple hours of therapy each Friday and I've been looking for a best-case scenario for what to do with Micah and Annalyse during this time. A friend and neighbor casually mentioned she had worked herself out of her current nanny job and was looking for a few part-time childcare opportunities. Boy-oh-boy, did I have one for her! She lives close. She knows my family. She is great with kids. And, she loves Jesus!

3. Missions Conference at our church. Each year I anticipate our week-long Missions Conference at church. It's always encouraging, powerful, motivating, and moving. This year has been no exception! I've enjoyed the opportunities this week to talk with and learn from several of the missionaries we support. Missionaries rank high - really high - on my list of heroes.

What about you - what Simple Things did you enjoy this week?

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