Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why, Hello Spring

The boys met at the table for our morning ritual of penmanship practice, devotions, and AWANA work. The sun was brightly shining and I decided to crack a window to feel the breeze. 


A warm breeze rushed in and I knew all of us were goners. I looked at the boys and told them to hustle through their work and I'd pack a picnic lunch and we would spend the rest of the morning playing outside. This day was way too nice to be spent inside!
The boys kept asking if we were "doing schoolwork and going on a field trip?" and I kept saying, "Nope, we're just heading outside to play!" Apparently they've heard me say, one too many times, that our frequent museum, zoo, and nature center visits are part of our school work.
We walked and explored the woods. We threw sticks and stones into the lake. We watched geese and herons fly and land on the water. We chased and tried to catch lizards, but had no such luck this time. We collected pine cones and beautiful (this is debatable) stones. And we breathed in the warm, sunny, fresh air on a perfect springlike day!
Today I loved being a mom. Today I loved living where I do. And today I especially loved being a homeschooling teacher that could throw workbooks to the wind so we could enjoy the weather. Tomorrow calls for rain and today demanded that we get outside. Who am I to argue with natures demands?
After everyone was hot and tired and muddy, we came home for a popsicle snack. Annalyse was not a fan, but Grady Lee took that as his cue to go ahead and eat her popsicle on her behalf. While Annalyse napped, we returned to the table to finish some math worksheets and some phonics drills. How cool is that? Schoolwork is done and accounted for and it happened after a spur-of-the-moment decision to venture outside for a few hours.
Although today was picture perfect, tomorrow calls for rain. But, if temps stay in the mid-70s, it won't keep my boys from asking to go outside and puddle jump. Puddle jumping can qualify as PE class, right? Or maybe even science class? Or, good grief, I'll yell out simple addition problems and tell them to jump out the answer. Look at that, nature is already demanding we get out and play tomorrow and tomorrow isn't even here yet. I love when that happens.

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  1. Oh, I love these cute pics of your adorable kiddos & sweet Annalyse keeping up with the big kids & looking precious in her t-shirt & jeans! (Those matching t-shirts are TOO cute!) It was SO pretty today & definitely a great day to be outside, sounds like you all made the most of it!!