Sunday, March 4, 2012


Just the other day someone emailed to ask if I was pregnant. And I quote: "When I saw you in the church galleria you weren't smiling and I got excited thinking that maybe this meant you were pregnant!"

Yes, you read that right. No smile = Must be pregnant. Friends, if this is the case, I assure you I would have blown by the Duggar family years ago due to my many unsmiling moments - even at church.
Adding to this thoughtful comment is another charming one, this time stemming from the sincere honesty of my one true love. While looking through a photo album from Micah's first year of life, my husband says, "Wow! Look at you in that picture! You look terrific and so much younger! And that was only, what, three years ago?"

Be still my beating heart. Someone save me from the tsunami of loving words. Now, not only do I not smile enough, I've also aged rather quickly and no longer garner the qualifier of looking terrific.
And, yes the onslaught continues, just today my parents delivered heartfelt wishes and laughter through a phone conversation. It went something like this:

Me: "Hi Mom! How are you?"
Mom: "Are your ears ringing?"
Me: "What?"
Mom: "Are your ears ringing?"
Me: "Um, no. Why?"
Mom: "Because your Dad and I have spent the last half hour looking at pictures of your kids and laughing about all the challenges we know are ahead for you! Grady Lee is, well, he's Grady Lee. Micah is a negotiating and sneaky lawyer-in-the-making. And Annalyse is one feisty, my-way-or-the-highway kind of kid. We're  having so much fun over here imagining what the next few years will be like for you!" [Insert hiccups of laughter.]
Fantastic. Just fantastic. I'm a grumpy, graying and wrinkling mom to three self-destructive kids. My soul is refreshed and my heart is blessed.


  1. Aww I think you are a wonderful, great, awesome person! You look great, young, have tons of energy and are full of neat cool ideas to get your kids to learn. I think your kids are great, well behaved, respectful, and most of all kids who need us as parents to teach them and mold them to be Christ like because we are all sinners. Thank you for taking good care of Mackenzie today!

  2. You are an amazing mom! Don't get me started on all of the interesting comments I have received over the years, weeks, days:) Just remember, all of those challanging qualities your kids possess today will only make them, stronger, more self assured, harder working, more successful adults in the future (or at least that is what I tell myself!)

  3. Dawn GudbrandsonMarch 5, 2012 at 1:53 PM

    Sarah! you are not old, wrinkley and you do not have destructive kids!!!!I am always amazed at your creativity with your kids. I never was creative with my kids and after I read some of the stuff you have done with them, I think boy I wish my kids were little again so I could try this stuff out.
    I will admit though that I too have laughed over some of the stories you have shared about the kids. I laugh only because it brings back so many memories of my kids and the desire to do it all over again. My kids have kept me on my toes as they were growing up,but they have learned to channel that energy into God given desires for their lives. It is so much fun watching your kids grow into who the Lord wants them to be. Keep praying for them and stay consistent with them. With the Lords help your kids will be exactly who and what they are supposed to be.
    Now take a few minutes for yourself and admit that you are not old! (remember I your loving Aunt am older than you....albeit not by much :) ) When we are sitting in the nursing home,we can then admit that we are old. Love you and your are doing a great job with your kids. It does get easier, just please enjoy each day because it goes way to fast.

  4. Ha...well, at least it is your FACE that makes them think you are pregnant!!! This last week alone I had THREE people asking if I was pregnant again...and it had very little to do with my face! :-)
    So glad you are who you are friend...pregnant - not pregnant...young - not young...mother of perfect kids - or not perfect kids! Love you!!