Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plaza Fiesta

I'm tired tonight. And I've earned my bowl of ice cream, but I say that every night regardless. 

Let every mother who has had to trudge through tunnels and down slides after her young kids join with me in whooping and hollering that I am down to watching only one child instead of three! When it comes to Plaza Fiesta, my boys are 100% self-sufficient and Grady Lee has matured and now actually wants to play with other kids instead of avoiding them.
This lil critter was happy to eat snacks and sit in her stroller for most of the morning, but sure did have her share of fun playing, too. I'm just happy for the almost hour of chit-chat I enjoyed with friends, since I've usually always been smashed in kiddie world making sure my boys were staying alive.
Today was a perfect day to enjoy playing because most schools aren't on spring break yet and there were no mini-buses full of daycare kids that came to play. For eight buckaroos, my kids played hard and nonstop for almost three full hours. Well worth every hard-earned penny that my handsome husband diligently earned.
Even better, though, Grady and Micah had a lot of fun playing "with boys that were much bigger and taller and with stronger muscles." So, thank you T and J for humoring my boys and letting them romp around with you today. Like it or not, you have two adoring fans.
So adoring, in fact, that my boys wouldn't bother to look and smile because they were so captivated by the odd and unusual noises T was able to make by blowing into his hands. Body noises: and so it begins.
After playing with friends all morning we made good use of the afternoon in completing schoolwork. Yeah right. An hour of flashcards and worksheets and the boys were begging to play outside in the woods. That worked for me, because remember those cupboards that I was supposed to finally wash? Today was the day.

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  1. We had so much fun meeting you guys at Plaza Fiesta!! My kids wore themselves out playing & I stopped by the Bass outlet & got a cute pair of shoes on the way home! Win-win!!
    And, I agree, the mom-time to chat was priceless!