Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blah Blah Blah...

I know that most of you aren't interested in reading step-by-step details of my life, but since this is primarily a journal for my family, that's what you're getting today. Besides, this is my life and I have no choice but to stick with it and keep up or else get left behind. And, with the pace we've been going since Saturday I feel like I'm about to get left behind.

Micah went to bed eagerly on Friday evening with his new soccer uniform spread out at the end of his bed. "Mom, I need to go to bed early so that I have lots of energy for my first soccer game tomorrow! And Mom, when I'm sleeping, please don't move my soccer shirt because you might put a wrinkle in it and then I won't be able to run as fast in the big game, okay?"

I think this handsome little man thought he owned the field because for the first time since he's begun playing, he's finally not the smallest or the youngest one out there. Being a tough-stuff four-year old paid off: he was the first one to score a goal for his team and his ear-to-ear grin was priceless. And, given that three of his teammates sat on the side and cried the entire game, Micah got lots of extra playing time. Seriously, there is a big difference between three and four years old!
Grady Lee is playing with only five-year olds this season and has a mid-week practice for an hour. Hopefully he'll start to learn actual team work and develop some understanding for field positions. Right now, it's a group of kids clustered around the ball all kicking at once.

Grady is coaching both teams so Annalyse and I have the big job of cheering our boys on and having water bottles and orange slices ready for tired players.
After soccer the kids and I came home for showers, lunch, and a quick nap. Grady met with several college-age friends to recite the book of Colossians. Yes, recite the book. He has faithfully studied and practiced with these friends for the past five weeks and this Saturday was the culmination of their efforts and everyone was able to recite the entire book. I'm so proud of him and his dedication to knowing God's Word and for his choice to lead by example. He's light years ahead of me, that's for sure.

When Grady came home we all jumped in the car and headed to a special birthday party for a darling one-year old girl and a handsome three-year old. My friend, Melanie, is the epitome of hostess-with-the-mostess and doesn't overlook a single detail. Add to that her warm and welcoming spirit and her precious family and you are guaranteed a wonderful time.

And we really did have a wonderful time celebrating the birthdays of two little ones, enjoying fun friends, eating good food, and watching kids play and laugh!
We really did not have a wonderful time, however, when we turned onto their street and heard Annalyse start coughing and vomiting. The dear child gets very car sick, but why-oh-why did it have to happen when we were less than one mile from our destination? The good news is that I had a clean diaper for her. The bad news is that I didn't have a clean outfit for her. No worries, my dear friend Celia, stripped her 11-month old girl and handed me that outfit to put on Annalyse. She then rummaged through her diaper bag to find something else for her little girl... yes, I really do have friends that go to great lengths to help me because, heaven knows, when the Peeler family enters an event we are bound to need help!

As Grady was changing Annalyse and I was gathering her dirty clothes, I realized that Micah had wet his pants because he was too excited to be with new friends and toys and didn't want to bother using the bathroom. The good news is that he didn't leave a puddle inside anywhere. The bad news is that his jeans were drenched. And the really bad news is that I didn't have a change of clothes for him, because really, what mother thinks it's necessary to bring a change of clothes for a four-year old when she leaves the house? Sigh. Remember that hostess-with-the-mostess? Her quick-to-the-draw husband had an armful of pants delivered to the bathroom door faster than I had Micah undressed.
Once the party was well underway with kids playing nicely and adults chatting away, time stood still and things moved in slow-motion when Grady made a dive across the room and out a door to grab a free-falling Annalyse as she was going face-first down some concrete steps leading to the backyard. After a chorus of gasps from every mother in the room and some loud wailing from Annalyse, we decided she was a-okay, minus the strawberry-like scrape down her cheek and chin.

Seriously. I cannot make a scenario like this up, but I wish I was. In less than 20 minutes our family had more than left its mark on the party. I'm not sure if we'll ever be invited to a birthday party again, but regardless, Grady and I had a good laugh about the afternoon's events later that evening. It was either laugh or cry, and I'll save the tears for a later time... like when I realize we weren't invited to another party for fear the Peeler family might wreak havoc again.
Sunday dawned bright and early, thanks to the time change. I actually like the spring forward because for the next several weeks I know my kids will sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 am each day. A full morning of church and ministry and a long afternoon of napping. Good grief, after Saturday's birthday party fiasco I earned the chance to nap.
First thing on Monday the kids and I drove to Greenville, SC to visit my cousin and her three boys for the day. An hour and a half car ride isn't that long, thanks to Leapsters and worship CDs. But at the same time, an hour and a half car ride is an eternity when Annalyse whines for a Leapster, too, and when Grady Lee insists on singing his heart out each time Chris Tomlin plays. Whew.
When we arrived, the kids ran and played for a couple of hours outside. My cousin and I got lost in catching up with each other and only occasionally looked around to be sure everyone was alive and accounted for. I think we only had one scooter/tree collision, three dismembered worms, one basketball to the hood of the van, and one set of pee-peed pants (no, not my kid this time!) the whole morning. Pretty good, if I do say so myself.
After lunch and some more playing, and by playing I mean hide-and-go-seek with sword fighting, it was time for the trek back home. After a full day the kids were showered and in bed by 7:30, just as Grady was pulling in the driveway from a deacon meeting. He ran upstairs to talk with the boys before they were asleep and then went to pack for his business trip for the rest of this week.
"Hey, Babe?" I heard. "Are you planning to do laundry because I only have one clean t-shirt in my drawer and I'm low on socks." Let me think about that. It's 8:00 pm and I've been gone all day. Nope, I'm fairly certain I'm not planning on doing laundry but what are plans anyway? My bowl of ice cream can wait until I get a load started for you. (Cue music and pity-felt expressions of "A woman's work is never done.")

And here we are at today, Tuesday. Just remember I said upfront that this was primarily a journal for my family so don't get impatient with me that this post keeps going on and on. And on. (Blah, blah, blah.)
We left the house at 8:30 to run a couple of errands before Bible study at church at 9:30 this morning. The boys love their teacher and tackle her with hugs each week. I'm told Annalyse cries for a few minutes after I leave but quickly recovers and "has a real sassy but cute personality about her." Lord have mercy. She is 18-months and her teachers have already coined her as sassy.

We left Bible study and made a stop at Doolittle's for Annalyse to get her first-ever haircut. I took Grady Lee to Doolittle's for his first haircut and I've felt compelled to do the same for every kid since. They take a picture, save a lock of hair, and assemble a keepsake card for the event. For every cut hereafter, it's Great Clips all the way though.
Annalyse had long, wispy, tufts of hair that were, well, mullet-like and I decided it was time to get rid of the rat tail even if the top of her head still has bald spots. We may live in the South, but I'm not a fan of a mullet. Ever.

We walked in and Miss Sassy Pants climbed up into her police car seat all on her own, reached out for a lollipop from the jar on the counter, and never made a peep or moved her head until the seven or eight snips were done. She's my girl - she likes the feel of someone else combing and washing her hair, too.
With my keepsake lock of hair in hand, or shoved in my purse actually, we left and came home for lunch, naps, and school. Annalyse napped, Micah relaxed in quiet time, and Grady Lee felt like a rock star because he finished the last couple pages of his math book and read a beginner reader with very few helps. "I think I need some ice cream for a present for my good work!" Hey, I can always agree to ice cream.

A quick trip to Target (Pfsh, who am I kidding. Is any trip to Target quick?), a stop a Home Depot for several bags of mulch, and pizza pick up, we came home for dinner and a fun time washing the van and playing in the hose. The first seasonal casualty occurred: Grady Lee tripped on the hose and has a nice shiner on his knee. Nothing that a race car bandage can't help.

Blah, blah, blah... but look at that! I'm happy for the captured details and memories of the last several days. Some of my extended family is happy for the recap since they don't live close and miss out on the daily drama that ensues. And the rest of you are happy that this post is finally finished and you can wander to more meaningful blog posts, or Pinterest searches, or Facebook updates...


  1. Whewwww - I'm exhausted reading that, but so comforted to know we're all going through it with you Sarah!!!

    Awesome how excited Micah is about soccer! G even mentioned it the other day, but for now Karate is working for him!

    I can so relate the laundry inquiry from Grady :) happens all the time around here.

  2. First, I always enjoy reading your daily posts! And, second, you are always welcome at our birthday parties, sorry for all the stress of you guys getting here though!! I love all the cute car washing pics...reminds me that my car is looking rather dusty!