Friday, March 16, 2012

The Simple Things

1. A husband who makes time - intentional time - for special dates with our kids. He is pulled in a hundred directions with a lot of people asking for his time and attention. Somehow, though, he still makes small ways to give one-on-one time with his kids and show them he cares.

2. Allergy medicine - for yours truly. Of the six spring seasons I've lived here, I've been either pregnant or nursing for four of them and have endured itchy eyes and a congested head. Not this spring! After a handful of sneezes I made a stop at CVS and am now enjoying the open windows (but not the accompanying pollen).

3. Being home with my kids. I was reminded this week, once again, what a joy it is to be home with my kids. Sometimes the responsibility is tiresome, but all the time the responsibility is a privilege. I love watching them learn and explore. I love listening to them laugh and share stories. I love seeing them try new things and become more independent little people.

What about you - what Simple Things have you appreciated this week?


  1. A super amazing friend that brought me a WHITE FLAGS CD!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! You're the best!

  2. Quiet time as Liv has slept until 8:30 most days this week - this has given me 2 hours of time to read, workout and get things moving for the day :)

    Also thankful that I just read Celia's post - I had forgotten that it was coming out and will now have to get that CD!