Friday, March 9, 2012

Perspective On Blessings

I realized something the other day. Actually, I was re-reminded of something I already knew: I take a lot of things for granted. A whole lot of things.

God hasn't promised me the privilege of tomorrow but he has granted me the opportunity of today. God hasn't promised me happiness with circumstances but he has given me the choice of joy regardless. God hasn't promised me answers to all my questions but he has provided an unshakable Truth that directs my steps to make decisions.

God also hasn't promised me an always-understanding husband, well-behaved kids, extended family that shares similar values, or ministry opportunities that align with my schedule of convenience. 

Even though I know this in my head, sometimes my heart forgets and wanders down the path of discontentment. And really, when I pull all excuses away, discontentment is nothing but my choice of refusing God's best for me. Because God does know what is best - he's the one who gives and takes and allows everything I have and experience.

When I grumble about relationships or lack of opportunities or current situations, I'm telling God that his direction and purpose for me isn't up to par with where I think things should be. Thankfully, by his grace, I have an escape route from this depleting mentality and can find verse after verse after verse that remind me God isn't concerned about my happiness - he's concerned about my holiness. 

Daily I need to choose to set my sight on God and his leading. Daily I need to choose to obey in the mundane so I'm found ready for the major. Daily I need to choose a spirit of thankfulness and discover ways to share the blessings I have. 

What about you - what do you take for granted? Your family? Home? Career? Ministry? Health? There is nothing in your life that can't qualify for the list.
Chances are, if you're reading this you own more material things than almost everyone else around the globe. Be thankful for that - God has blessed you by giving you the opportunity to live where you do and to enjoy the commodities that are available. But perspective changes things, too.
Did you lose sleep this week over the paint color you want for the living room, the counters you want in your kitchen, or the private education you want for your kids? There are a lot of people simply eager to have a home or the chance to even get an education. 

Perspective. Blessings we take for granted.
Did you talk harshly to your kids and neglect to ask forgiveness? Did you sigh and pout when your husband let you down? Did you scream in your mind when extended family did, you know, that thing they always do?
I have a friend who may never hold and talk to her daughter again. A horrible illness threatens to take her life in the coming days. I have a friend who almost buried her husband after a terrible accident. Miraculously he is alive and showing signs of improvement.

Perspective. Blessings we take for granted.
I don't know what your needs are. I don't know how your heart has been hurt. I don't know how your relationships have been abused.

But I do know the answers to those questions for myself. And I know that each and every time the answer is the same: I have been given immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine because I have been given new life. And with new life I've been given the freedom to choose contentment in all things. And the one reason I can choose contentment is because I know Who holds my future and where it's being held.

This is a blessing I dare not take for granted.


  1. Great reminder!

    I read was reading a blog post about a year ago where the writer was sharing a similar idea. The example that stuck with me was about grocery shopping. She basically said that she had been grumbling about having to go buy food until she realized that a) there was an entire store full of food that she didn't have to plan/grow/raise/make that she could access anytime (with no concern of drought, etc.) and b) she had money to buy food. She said she then realized the absurdity of complaining about such mercy.

    But isn't that the way we are, like the Egyptians in the desert? So, once again, thank you for the reminder!

  2. p.s. Your kids are beautiful. I love the shades!

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly, friend! So much is taken for granted for and so much of it is up to us to choose to live with a grateful and thankful heart. Thanks for your exhortation. Love ya!