Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Wiggler

Smile? Look at the camera? Sit still? Not a chance.
There is so much to do, and so little time!
Oooo... lace on my socks! How pretty.
But, now that I think about it, I'm ready to get down and play with toys.
Nope, not interested in reading a book right now, thank you very much. 
Hhmmm, the puppy is cute and all but I really just want to get down and play. Pretty please?
Putting the puppy on your head is very funny... so funny that I'll lunge for him and make you a nervous wreck that I'm about to fall off the chair!
Hey, that frilly sock is still there. Imagine that.
Fine. You want a smile, I'll give you one. But you better be quick cause I'm only going to sit still for three seconds before I let out a howl and a whine.
Happy now?


  1. She is so adorable, Sarah!!! Love that smile!!!
    And your it actually...???

  2. Sarah- you haven't changed since college - beautiful, as always. Your little girl is so very precious! I wanted to comment on your post about discipleship. It is a topic so dear to my heart. This past year our women's ministry implemented a discipleship program and it has been such a catalyst for growth in my life. So happy to hear that you also have a heart for investing in the lives of other women and living out Titus 2!

  3. TOO cute! What a precious, busy, wiggly, little one who is almost one!!!