Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Porch

In one short morning, our front porch and back porch was the "it" spot for all creepy-crawly wildlife.
Dragonflys, tree frogs, butterflies, moths, rolly-pollys, and a worm.
Good thing my boys aren't shy about these things. And, good thing their mamma can hold her own when up close and personal with the creepy creatures, too.
Not just outside, but inside too. Oh my.
Grady Lee called it "a precious little frog." Cute, kind of. Precious, not really.
It was everything in my power to keep Annalyse back. She was wiggling and reaching and hollering to hold this little thing. 
Whew! After all these escapades with bugs and animals, it was finally time for breakfast. Talk about a wake-up call to nature.


  1. How wonderful (and too funny) that Annalyse is learning from her brothers to appreciate all of God's creatures!

  2. I don't know, that bright green frog is pretty precious! But not more so than your kids!!
    We have had a wildlife week here, too...7 deer in the yard on Tuesday, then a box turtle & today a snake!