Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Open Wide

Last Friday was that time of year. The most wonderful time of year. Hey, you guessed it! The bi-annual trip to the dentist.

Micah was a champ and opened wide and didn't move a muscle. He was amused to have 20 minutes of whatever cartoon he wanted. 
Grady Lee, however, not so much.

My sensory sensitive kid was not about to open wide and bite on plastic for x-rays; was not about to open wide for a vibrating brush to swirl on his teeth; was not about to open wide for "string to poke in between my teeth;" and was not about to open wide for "the metal stick with a point!"
I moved between the two rooms answering questions and keeping an eye on both boys. Micah was Mr. Personality and joked with the hygienist the whole time.
Grady Lee cried - big, sad, pathetic, crocodile tears - the whole time. I burst out laughing when I peeked in at one point and noticed he was wearing giant sunglasses because "the light is brighter than the sunshine in my eyes."
Is it appropriate to tip the hygienist and the dentist? I really wanted too. They more than earned their wages for the patience and sense of humor they kept with my child. I'm sure we were the topic of conversation in that office for the rest of the day. Maybe the rest of the week. Or maybe we still are?!
Mid-March can take it's slow time in coming... Grady Lee has already prayed several times before bed that God will "help me to be brave and not feel the sharp poke from the metal stick the next time I go to the dentist."


  1. Cute! 3 of my 4 dentist-ready kids do great, but they still brush Bella's teeth with a toothbrush and you can forget x-rays!

  2. Awww - poor Grady - he's just like Garrett. Garrett had to sit up the whole time during his cleaning and exam. Olivia was fine - perfect in fact - so maybe there's hope for Annalyse :)