Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surf's Up!

Wet and wild for three and a half straight hours. My boys who grow bored of something after minutes. Who need variety. Who aren't good at self-entertainment. Three and a half straight hours on this slippery thing.
They ate their lunch out there. They ate an afternoon snack out there. They even went wee-wee out there. Nothing I could say or offer convinced them it was worth coming in for.
A few belly scrapes. Lots of grass in the mouth. Some water in the eyes. But it was all part of the fun, or so I'm told.
I rotated this thing all over our yard to try and avoid a nasty brown stripe from appearing. So far so good.

The directions clearly state not to use this on a hill, but since our entire yard is on a slight slope, there was no avoiding it. Bonus: no broken bones yet.
Neighbors drove by and honked. The mailman paused to watch. Our yard was the "it" spot.
Grady Lee zips through the sprinkler at the end of the slide...
... and Micah takes a plunge in the small pool. This is not your average hunk of plastic with hose water trickling down it. I think I want to be five years old all over again.
I'm happy that they're happy. And, selfishly, I'm happy that I could keep an eye on them without having to be be outside the whole time. Three and a half hours was prime time for laundry, dinner prep, and bathroom cleaning.
Since they were outside so long, Annalyse caught some glimpses of the fun when she woke up from her nap. Sometime soon I'll let her crawl across the slide.


  1. So fun! We're going to a friends house to try out slip 'n slide tomorrow! Can't wait to see how the girls like it and if they do, maybe I can get a 3.5 hour break in the near future!

  2. Yay! I {heart} slip-n-slides! Best summer purchase.EVER!