Thursday, June 9, 2011

Learning the Basics

My Baby Girl - Hardly fast and furious, but definitely persistent and determined. In spite of red knees she keeps on pounding the floor to get better.
My Little Men - Not usually eager to say hello, extend a hand for a shake, say their name, let alone smile, we're working hard on showing good manners when greeting someone.
Grady Lee can recite the perfect answer if you ask what he should do when someone says hello: "I need to look in their eyes, have a happy smile, use a strong voice, and say, 'Hi. I'm Grady Lee.'" He's still a long way off from actually doing this, though.
We made happy face snacks the other day in an attempt to reiterate, yet again, the importance of smiling and being polite. Please feel free to put our practice work to the test the next time you see one of them. But, please don't take it personal if you are ignored or else peered at from behind my leg. We are a work in progress.


  1. I love that you make the lesson into a craft for the boys!

    Oh, and Annalyse couldn't be any sweeter!

  2.! LOVE that craft/snack! I am STILL working on manners on a daily basis with my's a long road.
    Annalyse is so stinkin' cute! Your blog was up yesterday & one of the girls (Darcy, I think? But I'm really tired right now~) asked what her name was & I said, "Annalyse" and she repeated it & said, "Oh, what a beautiful name!"