Monday, June 6, 2011

You've heard me say it before, and I'm about to say it again: I like Wait, nope, I value 

No, I'm not hired to brag about them and no I've not been asked to write something fluffy about them. I just want to because they're just that good.


I read that the average housewife spends 12 months of her life running errands for household and toiletry products. I've decided not be in the average - I clickclickclick on my laptop and wait for my doorbell to ring three days later with everything I need.


I have a membership to Sam's and think it's great for food products. But, I don't want a 17 gallon bottle of shampoo in my shower or a 120-roll toilet paper pack in my closet. 

I like to use coupons and I like to shop with what's on sale. Sometimes I even get in on the "use 86 coupons on the sixth Thursday of every odd month that falls on leapyear and you can receive $329 of products for free." But what about the things I need before that kind of sale happens? Clickclickclick. Done.

I still use vendor coupons to save a few bucks and shipping is free and arrives two or three days after I place my order. I don't take three kids to the store for errands and hope that I escape without a meltdown or a spilled snack or a dirty diaper. I don't do my shopping in the late evening when my husband is home from work and can watch the kids and I'm tired. And I certainly don't fill my cart with three boxes of diapers and realize there's not room for anything else so I need to come back again.

Nope. No sirree. 

Here's what came in todays delivery - a random assortment of toiletry and household things I needed and things I had coupons for. 
Take a look at the fine print: free shipping and $13 worth of coupons applied. And, the really fine print that's not included, would show the $5 I saved in gas costs from not driving store to store and the headache I didn't have after taking three kids in and out of car seats and in and out of shopping carts.
And, if I'm being really honest, maybe the best part of delivery day is the empty boxes afterward.
They're a perfect canvass for art.
A perfect apparatus for playing.
And, of course, a perfect teether for biting.
Go ahead and try it. Remember: clickclickclick and you're done.


  1. Okay, you've sold me! I'm going to give it a try!!

  2. I'm going to give it a try too!!!! THANKS!

  3. You getting a kick back for advertising?? :-) J/K! I looked today at all the different things they had to offer! Wow! Thats pretty cool! I've bought formula off of before...I didn't know it had a sister company! Thanks for the info!