Sunday, June 5, 2011

Casual and Relaxing

We enjoyed a simple weekend. It was casual and relaxing.

A little bit of swimming.
A little bit of chewing and working on two more teeth.
A little bit of tiny-body-cuteness that I can't get enough of.
And a little bit of summertime treats that I promise your kids will love.

This is all you need (sugar, half and half, vanilla, salt, and ice) for some made-in-minutes ice cream.
1. Dump everything in a small ziplock. I could say, "Carefully measure" or " Evenly spoon" but when two preschoolers are running the show dump seems to be a more fitting word.

2. Place the small ziplock of ingredients in a larger ziplock filled with ice cubes and salt.

3. Shake for five minutes - or until your kid whines that his arm is getting tired and he's ready for his treat nnooooowwww.
4. Insert spoon and enjoy!

Tiny suggestion if you decide to try this: Remind your kids not to lick the ice cream bag since it'll be covered in salt from being in the larger bag. My boys learned this the hard way.
This will be some of the yummiest soft serve ice cream you've ever tasted. Except for maybe soft-serve from McDonald's. Nothing trumps that.

Now that I know it's a hit, I'll be armed and ready with sundae toppings next time.
Annalyse stayed busy working on her own snack while the boys and I made ice cream. Goldfish crackers, Cheeze Its, or Sun Chips. Decisions, decisions.
She opted for Sun Chips and spent a good five minutes whacking the bag and enjoying the sound of crackling and crunching. Now I'm going to enjoy smithereens of chips sprinkled on my salad. That works, right?


  1. LOVE the ice cream idea! What are the ingredient ratios? Would love to try that with my kids!
    Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I love how in most pics of Annalyse in the stroller she has her little foot up on the "dash". Too cute!

  2. dear friend ALWAYS find a way to have ice cream...even if you have to make it yourself! :-)
    Watch out for that girl...she's on the move!

  3. Love the ice cream idea! What a fun summer weekend.