Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still Catching Up...

My previous post caught you up to last Tuesday, in pictures at least. No captions or explanations, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Moving on Wednesday of this past week.

It was the last Gopher Buddies for the year - a relief to not have one more thing on the schedule, but a dismay since the program is so wonderful and Grady Lee loves going. This past weekend the kids (all 100+!) played on the playground and enjoyed a special treat for an end of year celebration.

Seriously, how cute are these kids? Love them all. Even the wiggly ones. Even the can't-keep-my-hands-to-myself ones. Even the eager-beaver to answer every question ones. Love them all.
I snapped a picture of Grady Lee's group as they were walking back inside to their class. You should have no trouble spotting him. He's the one - the only one - that is out of line and walking in the grass. (Sigh.)
Grady Lee loves Mr. Nathan and Mr. Reggie. He has asked many times if they can come to our house and play. I've been able to come up with a list of reasons why they probably don't want to come over to play, but I'm running out. Hopefully the summer break will be enough distraction for him to quit asking.
On Thursday, the kids and I drove to Greenville, SC for the day to visit my cousin and her three darling boys. Three darling boys under the age of four. Can someone say hero?
Sweet Judah arrived a month ago and is the cutest thing ever with lots of dark hair. Holding him had me ready for another tiny one... Annalyse seems so big already!
My heart is still in my throat when I look at these pictures. I can't forget the split second when Micah ran across the playroom and stepped on Judah while flapping a foam sword in the air. Yes, stepped on him. My cousin didn't flinch, just took it in stride, while I yelled and almost cried. Ay-yi-yi...
Group shot attempt number one. Not a single body actually looking at the camera, but at least no one is crying or pouting.
Group shot number two. Clearly Noah has other things to do with his time rather than sit still on a couch and say cheese.
Boys only shot... and I don't blame Noah for not wanting in on the rough hug. I wouldn't either if I could help it.
Friday I met some college girls at Chick-Fil-A. I talked over coffee while my boys ran in the play area. It was all good until Grady Lee came bolting out of the play area crying, "My toe is bleeding!" Lucky for us I had a band aid in my wallet and he was good to go in a matter of minutes. (Lesson to moms of boys like mine: never leave home without a band aid somewhere on your person.)

We spent the afternoon outside swimming and playing... and counting the seconds until Daddy would get home. By Friday I was tired of being a Mom and was looking forward to reinforcement arriving to help.
Love, love, love teeny fingers and toes. Remind me again, why can't we freeze time?
Thanks to Grandma's smart tip when she visited a couple of weeks ago, the boys now lay flat on the hot driveway when they are cold from swimming and running through hose water. I thought about giving it a try, but was too prideful to care what the neighbors would think.
A couple hours of running and splashing and swimming and playing in the warm sun was just what we needed to end our week. The kids obeyed and were kind. I was relaxed and content.


  1. Great pictures Sarah. I can soooo relate to the band-aid scenario - I ALWAYS have them - Joe calls me a "girl scout" for that reason. Ahhh outside - everyone obeys - agreed - they are so much happier outside - makes momma happy too, right??

  2. Love all the sweet pics! Wished my girls still fit into their cherry bathing suits so they could all be matching at the reunion in August! Seeing her in it reminds me of Olivia being so little! Miss you all!