Friday, May 13, 2011


Heaven help me.

Someone pass a dose of sanity.

Have I relapsed to the olden times... like, you know, five years ago?  
I have just spent a week - an entire week - without a computer. Horrifying, I know.
I've had my phone to manage email and Face Book, but try as I might, blogging on my phone was way more frustrating than it was worth. So, to those of you that actually missed reading anything new here, my apologies. And, for those of you that were actually concerned about not reading anything new and took time to call or message me to find out if things were okay, my deepest apologies. You all are the best. The absolute best.
So, here I am on a Friday night and I'm scanning through pictures from this past week trying to decide what is and isn't worth sharing. I could give highlights of my kids this past week - there have been some ups and some for sure downs. 
I could share some reviews of books I recently read - there were three of them this week. Because, seriously, without a computer what else was I supposed to do? 
I could vent about my current frustrations with parents who let their kids make decisions "because Suzie needs to learn and in order to learn she has to make decisions." Interesting... I've always thought that kids learn to make good decisions by first watching parents make good decisions for them. And if your kid is three, four, and five, she really shouldn't be calling the shots. Oops. There I go - I'm venting. 
I could talk about the pain of broken relationships, the joy of new births, the sadness of mental illness, the hurt with ruined finances, and the discouragements of ministry... all very real things I've seen this week.
But, reality is I have to get going. My husband has been out of town all week and it's time to relax with him. I did the respectable thing and hugged and kissed him when he walked in the door. It wasn't too long after that when I holed up in the office in front of the computer and let him assume the bedtime routine with the kids. And now that everyone is sound asleep and he is stretched out on the couch, I'm feeling compelled to join him rather than share details on my week.
So maybe, just maybe, if I find time over the weekend I'll get some stuff put up. Stuff from the above-mentioned list of random ideas running from my mind to my fingers as I type.
But would you look at that! As I close right now, I've managed to choose pictures that show you what the kids and I spent some of our time doing last week. Well, at least I've covered Monday and Tuesday... just enough to hold off the barrage of pleas from the grandparents for new pictures.
Whew - mission accomplished.


  1. I am glad everything is ok, I was concerned! It looks like the beginning of your week was fun! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jen H

  2. Hope you enjoyed some time with Grady. If it makes you feel any better--Blogger was down for several days this week and then deleted (but later recovered) any posts from the later part of this week--so although you weren't able to post, you missed the potential aggravation from technological glitches.

    Most of the pictures look like a fabulous time (except that toe--ouch!).