Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Day

Wait a second. It's the middle of May and Easter was over three weeks ago. How come I haven't posted anything about the wonderful day we spent with friends? I guess this is a good thing though, because I just received a CD with beautiful pics a friend took and shared with us. 

Bryan has a fun camera and he captures good pictures. So, pretty much all the pictures below, and trust me, there are a lot of them, are from him.

With two boys that weren't interested in standing still, this was the best family picture we got. Grady looks handsome. Annalyse looks darling.  My boys look, well, they look busy. And I look frazzled, but working in the nursery on Easter morning will do that.
Annalyse had some darling shoes with precious rosettes that likely stayed on her feet for the first three minutes in the nursery. 
I wonder if smocking will become all the rage and the hottest style when Annalyse is a teenager. I love it. I want her to wear things like this for always, but I know the days remaining are few.
Here's the Robinson family - beautiful faces, beautiful smiles, and beautiful hearts. The love and friendship they've shown our family is overwhelming.
While adults prepared Easter dinner, Leah took charge of feeding Annalyse. For her first time doing it, she did fantastic, too!
Glazed ham. Sweet potatoes. Green bean casserole. I'm hungry just thinking about all the yummy goodness we enjoyed.
After lunch, it was time for an egg hunt. Juli is not one to go simple on holiday fun. Check out this bag packed full of stuffed eggs! I'd say this is beyond plenty for four kids. No wonder my boys think "Mrs. Juli's house is berry, berry fun to play at!"
On your mark, get set, goooo!
The kids tore off looking in bushes, under chairs, and all over the yard for eggs. Daddy helped Annalyse find a few of her own, too.
(Getting tired of looking at cute kids pick up eggs? Sorry, but there are still lots more coming. They were all too cute to leave out!)
(I promise you're nearing the end now. And I promise that I left lots of pictures out, believe it or not!)
When baskets were full and overflowing, and after we'd made a second trip around the house and yard verifying we found all the eggs, it was time to come inside and sift through the treats.
Annalyse munched on egg shells, my boys gulped down jelly beans like they were going out of style, and the Robinson kids quietly opened each egg and made a nice candy pile to save for later. I think the dads were in the other room - something about basketball being more interesting...
As if all that candy wasn't enough to last a lifetime in sugar consumption, it was time for strawberry shortcake and bunny cupcakes for dessert. Like I said, Juli makes holiday food worth every calorie!
Even at three weeks past Easter, the boys still have lots of jelly beans in a bowl on our counter. Annalyse still has her darling dress and shoes and thankfully hasn't outgrown them yet. 

But most important, even at three weeks after Easter, we still have a reason to celebrate not just Spring, not just a holiday, and not just friends and family. We have a reason to say thank you Jesus for loving us and living for us!


  1. Girl, I STILL haven't posted about our Easter...or the 2 weeks leading up to don't feel bad! That said, what a SWEET way to celebrate such a special holiday! The photos are all adorable, I love egg hunt photos! Some of my faves though, are the one of you & Juli, and the one of Leah with Micah giving her the big hug, precious! Oh, I had lots more faves, but I'm hungry & have to sign-off now! Glad your back blogger!

  2. Beautiful pics!!! Your family is so stinkin cute!!! Glad you guys spent the day with some amazing, wonderful friends!!!