Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bon Voyage

According to Wikipedia, the best online resource for all accurate and necessary information, Bon Voyage "is a French phrase borrowed into English meaning, literally, 'good voyage,' and usually translated as meaning 'have a good trip.'"
We've enjoyed getting to know the Haines family over the past couple of years. This darling French Canadian family moved to Charlotte to attend a seminary.

I don't know how to speak French. But I know I like the way it sounds. Even in (rare) moments of listening to D and L discipline their kids, it sounded nice. Much better than, "Obey me now!" said with clenched teeth in English.

I met L at a church MOMS group and liked her right away. She's cute and friendly; has kids the same age as as mine; is excited about ministry; and is following her husband in a big risk-taking endeavor.
D just graduated from seminary with his Masters in Philosophy. He thinks in an intelligent-person language, but thankfully, can still talk simply to all of us that aren't fluent in Aristotleinian. (That's a word, right?) In fact, he's really personable and friendly, which shows in his easy ability to disciple others.

And their kids. Oh my - three little people bursting with energy and life! And three little people that my boys love and will miss terribly. In fact, since saying goodbye two days ago, Grady Lee has asked if we can "talk to them on the computer because I miss them so much and don't want to forget what they look like."
The good news is that he will never forget what they look like because I have several over-the-top cute pictures like this one. Can anyone else envision a corsage and a prom dress in 13 years?
When D and L first moved here, they were awaiting the arrival of #3. Since they had just moved to the States and had no family nearby, I offered to take the other kids when it was time to welcome the new addition.

I'll never forget getting the"it's time!" call, picking up the kids, and driving away looking in my rearview mirror at two sweet faces sitting behind me. They didn't know me. They didn't know English. They didn't know where Dad and Mom were. They just knew some strange and overly-friendly lady that was chatting a mile a minute was driving them away from everything they called safe in their new home, in a new city, in a new country.

And, they never cried. Never complained. Never misbehaved. 
The Haines family has a powerful story about a powerful God who powerfully provided for them while they were here. Their story motivates me to seek God with more passion and to obey his calling with more fervor.

In some ways, it almost seemed like circumstances for this family changed on a whim. Almost like they were dealt a deck and the cards were always stacked against them.

But that's exactly what drew me to loving them more. It's exciting and it's motivating to spend time with people who live dangerously for God's purposes.

Dangerous because they decided that obeying God was more important than panicking over unexpected changes.

Dangerous because they decided that loving each other was more important than seeking self-condolence or pity.

Dangerous because they decided that serving other people for God's glory always trumps the feel-good convenience of what is usually the easier road to take.

I don't know a lot of people that decide to live dangerous like that. I do know that I want to be one of them though.
This weekend they packed up and drove North, heading back to Canada for doctoral pursuits and ministry endeavors. Watch out Canada - you don't know what's about to collide with you. The Haines family is coming, and they're coming with the Light of Jesus!
So it's Bon Voyage - have a good trip. It's not goodbye - cause we'll see you again sometime. And if my four year old gets his way, it'll be on the computer in the next couple of days.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful blessing of friendship!

  2. Aw, beautiful post & wonderful tribute to such a sweet family! I wish I had gotten the opportunity to get to know them all better before they moved away. Their story is certainly inspiring! And I totally agree, that pic of Grady Lee & C is TOO cute! A definite prom flash-forward!