Monday, May 16, 2011


Line dancing. Square dancing. Fiddles and banjos. And, of course, BBQ pork and beans and sweet tea.

Yes, we live in North Carolina.
Grady and I joined several of our college age friends for an evening of down-home, simple-country, Appalachian-foothills fun.
I'm no dancer. I wish I was, but I honestly can't make my feet do anything other than walk. It's difficult for me to chew gum and walk at the same time, so dancing is definitely out of my league.
But, I did join in on the large group square dance and had a lot of fun. It was fun because I could tell that half of the people stomping around the room had as much of a clue what was going on as I did. And besides, the country band was really good.
Ever seen 6'5" do the Electric Slide? What about The Chicken Dance? Just as Grady how fun it is. He was the giant in the room trying to get down and low.
Grady and I have already decided that in another couple of years it will be super fun to bring the kids and let them have at it. Grady Lee will love the band. Micah will love the dancing. And Annalyse, who knows what she'll love, but it'll be reason enough for me to get her some cute cowboy boots!

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  1. Oh, cute girly cowboy boots, YAY!
    Sounds like a super fun evening!! I know with summer break your ministry is getting ready to kick into high gear, thanks so much for all that you & Grady do in serving the Lord so faithfully! You guys rock!