Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seven Months!

Someone is seven months old today! And, judging by this grin, she is very happy about it!
Annalyse Joy, you had a big and busy month. Two bottom teeth popped through, you became a stable sitter, and you're starting to get up on all fours in an attempt to crawl. Could you slow down this growing up thing just a tad, please?
You enjoyed a short family vacation to Atlanta and enjoyed your first dip in a swimming pool, first trip to the zoo and aquarium, and first ride on a train. I think you slept through 99% of that, but it's still going down in history as your first for those things.

You also had your first encounter with the Easter Bunny as well as three egg hunts. Again, you were none to excited about any of these things, but I feel the need to remember all your important firsts.
You had another short bout with bronchiolitis, but I've been told to expect frequent flair-ups since you were hit with RSV at such a young age. Despite being sick, you still wore a grin most of the time and remained easy-going.
You're a good eater but still a tiny-framed little thing. You're a good sleeper and follow a good routine, but are flexible when you need to be. Thank goodness for that because you have two older brothers that aren't always excited to stay inside or at home just so you can nap.
Growing every day. Changing every week. What will next month hold?

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