Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Dip of the Year

Temperature: 82 degrees.

Skies: Sunny and blue.

Agenda: Pool, squirt guns, and popsicles.

Annalyse loves the bathtub so it was no surprise that she loved the swimming pool, too.
And when her brothers got a bit rowdy and rough, she was just as happy to sit in a bucket of water and splash.
The boys made good use of the pool water and their squirt guns to wash the van. It's now sparkly (actually, smeary) clean.
While the boys enjoyed popsicles in the pool (yes, Micah is "washing" his popsicle)...
 ...Annalyse read books on a towel. That's my girl - relaxing in the sun with a good book!


  1. good thing Micah cleaned off his popsicle...

  2. Aw, perfect day at the pool! I love the pics of Annalyse in that tub of water, TOO cute!!