Monday, April 25, 2011

Truth Be Told

Easter. New life and simple traditions. Spiritual significance and family fun.

Friday morning the boys and I made our annual Resurrection Rolls - a simple and fun way to help talk through the Easter story.
While we waited for the Resurrection Rolls to bake, I asked the boys to remind me why Jesus died and why it matters. Grady Lee did a fantastic job using his Wordless Book to explain it all, but when I attempted to get it on video, he decided to be silly and shy. Figures.
[Insert sound of oven timer going off!]

The discussion about salvation using the Wordless Book came to an abrupt end as both boys dashed into the kitchen.

Although this clip shows the boys being rather distracted (but can you blame them for simply wanting to eat a yummy treat rather than answer my questions?), I know they understood the Jesus-is-alive concept.
With full bellies, we spent some time reading classic bunny books - Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. Grady Lee is now convinced that a bunny would be the perfect pet and Micah is just confused "why Peter Rabbit wears a coat and shoes if he's an animal?"
Saturday morning we met at our local park for a neighborhood egg hunt. With 70 dozen eggs there was a guarantee of each kid getting a basket full. 

Each egg was stuffed with not one, not two, but three pieces of candy. I have a freezer storage bag hidden in the deep freezer containing 75% of that candy... think it will taste okay next Easter? I'll find out and let you know.
Both boys found eggs with an "X" indicating they won a special prize. Thank goodness each boy found one so we didn't have to deal with tears and "No fair that he got a pwesent and I didn't!" scenarios.
After finding eggs, the boys played egg relay games, decorated a few eggs to take home, and spent time high-fiving and talking with the Easter Bunny.

And, finally, Sunday. Easter Day. The focal point of all this. A wonderful (and very full) morning at church and a wonderful (and very fun) afternoon with friends. I'm waiting on a few pics before posting anything from Easter though...


  1. Sounds like a full, fun Easter weekend! But I have to say, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what headband Annalyse was wearing on Easter morning. Can't wait to see pics of cute kids ready for church on Easter!

  2. I couldn't get the video clips to work, but it may be because I use the Google Chrome browser...
    I had to lol about Peter Rabbit...we were just reading that story this evening, too (courtesy of the Target $ Spot, love that place!) and Darcy wanted to know why Mrs. Rabbit went to the store to buy bread!
    Love your pics! Would you believe that we didn't attend a single egg hunt this Easter! (Well, the girls had egg hunts in their class.) Thankfully we avoided much of the candy overload!!