Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waiting Here For You

Waiting. I don't like it, and chances are, you don't either.

God asks us to wait on Him in every area of life - before making decisions, while enduring trials, when facing temptations - in every area.

If we know we're supposed to wait on God for his will and leading, the question then, is how are we supposed to wait? Twiddling thumbs, tapping a foot, looking at the clock, and sighing heavily don't demonstrate to a watching world that we're waiting on God. Rather, it shows that we're frustrated, worried, disappointed, and annoyed.

What if you and I chose to wait on God with our hands lifted to him in complete surrender?

What if we chose to open our hands to his agenda rather than stuffing them in our pockets to keep our wallets close by?

What if we chose to open our hands to his time table rather than wringing our hands around our watches to continually check if "it's time yet?"

What if we chose to open our hands to his Word that communicates all we need rather than cling to our cell phones to call and text others for advice and answers?

I wonder what that would look like. And I wonder what kind of blessing and joy and fulfillment we're missing out on because we don't always wait like we should.

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