Friday, March 18, 2011

Painting, Picnicking, and Playing

I signed Grady Lee up for a class at Noah's Art and he loves it. Absolutely loves it. We walk in the door each Thursday and he doesn't look back to say good-bye cause he's hightailing it to the art center.  

Each week the instructor reads a classic children's book and then the kids do several art projects relating to the book. And, each week in the van after class, Grady Lee gives me an almost verbatim version of the story and explains with (way too much) detail how he made each project.

Needless to say, our fridge is covered in art and he is already asking if he can "take more special art classes in the summer time too?"
The hour that Grady Lee is in his class gives me a chance to spend some time talking with just Micah while he, Annalyse, and I get groceries. Micah loves that I let him walk through the store next to me and pick each item off the shelf and put it in the cart. "I don't go to art class because you need my help with the heavy things at the grocery store, right Mom?" Um, well, yes... I guess.

This past week, the weather was so wonderful that we enjoyed a picnic lunch after Grady Lee's class was done.
Blue skies. Warm temps. Flowering trees. Birds singing. It was wonderful.
And, I was trying to decide if this was Annalyse's first picnic lunch, but I can't remember for sure. I feel like we had a picnic in the Fall but I'm not for positive. (How bad of a Mom am I?!)
The boys ran around and played for a long while after lunch. We were in no hurry to get home and as long as everyone was in happy spirits I was content to be outside.
If only this picture included music: Grady Lee is singing "Rock A Bye Baby" to Micah - but his version has lyrics all his own and a pitch all his own. Maybe his next set of classes will be music instead of art...!
After lots of running and playing, I caught sight of this and knew it was time to head home for naps.
Ever have those moments where you are able to relax in complete contentment and joy, while doing absolutely nothing? That was Thursday.

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  1. Sounds absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful day!