Monday, March 21, 2011

It's (Officially) Here

Spring is officially here! Longer days. Budding trees. Warmer temps. And, of course, squirt guns, shorts, flip-flops, and popsicles.

"Hey guys, whatcha doin'? Can I play too? Pleeeease? Mooooooom! The boys are being mean and won't let me shoot their guns, tooooo!"
Yes, I can hear it now. I know it's coming. Just a matter of time.

Until then, Miss Annalyse is highly content to sit and watch her brothers play. She is fascinated by them. She even loves when they yell and make horribly annoying firetruck siren sounds.
She watches her brothers play sports and I know she is imagining herself running and kicking and throwing, too. Well, her Dad sure thinks she is imagining that. Again, just a matter of time.
Wide-eyed and alert - always. Almost to the point of seeming "nosey." Her head will spin to whomever is talking and she is hesitant to sleep when she knows there is a party happening.
On Sunday, we ushered in Spring with a family ice cream run. If there is another way to celebrate beautiful weather, I'm not sure what it is. In my book, ice cream is the answer to most anything.
Grady Lee took this picture and was quite proud of himself. Actually, I was too, considering he was jumping up and down while holding the camera.
Sorry, Baby Girl. No ice cream for you this time, but someday soon. And you won't be disappointed - promise!
After ice cream we ran into some friends, also out enjoying the nice weather. This little girl is darlingdarlingdarling and sweet as can be.

The two little boys? Can someone please buy the one in the middle a shirt that actually fits him and can someone please tell the one on the end that hugging and dancing while standing on a ledge isn't a good idea?
After ice cream it was movie time and Micah was all cuddles. The movie had about 30 seconds of suspense and his chubby hand wouldn't let go of mine for the rest of the movie. These moments are rare and I love them.
What about you - what are you enjoying about Spring?

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  1. So sweet! We had a wonderfully-warm-actually-didn't-have-to-wear-a-jacket day yesterday and also enjoyed some ice cream and a walk along Navy Pier. Of course, being Chicago, today it's barely 40 and raining...but we're getting there!

    I will admit to living slightly vicariously (though with no jealousy) through your pictures. So glad you all are able to enjoy the weather and each other!