Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

I'm in the minority: I like Mondays. I really do.

Weekends are always nice and full of family fun, but I like Mondays because I get my home and life back into an organized routine. And my middle name is Organized-To-A-Fault.

Today the kids and I were ready to run a multitude of errands. I made it through two things on my list when it was time to go home. Go home fast. And possibly consider only rolling stops and horn blasting to get people out of the way.

You're wondering why? Well, take a look and wonder no more.
For the record, her outfit is now stain free and her car seat has never been as clean and disinfected as it is now.


  1. OH NO!!! Now that's a Monday for you :-( And sweet Annalyse even looks pretty & happy with vomit all over her, bless her little heart! Hope that she is feeling better & all the rest of you stay healthy...
    At least you made it through 2 errands!

  2. Oh no! That IS a manic Monday, but what a sweet face! She is a doll!!!