Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Whole New World

A new perspective!
 A new way to play!
 A new reason to smile!
 But, I sure don't last long before I topple.
 Rather than cry, though, I giggle and think the ride down was fun.
And besides, I've heard Mom say a time or two that I'm growing up too fast 
and she wants me to stay little for a while longer.
Goodness though, sitting up and toppling and rolling is hard work!
Sure does take a lot out of a girl.


  1. To sweet for words:) Congrats Annalyse on your new perspective!

  2. Oh.my.heart! I had to click right over when I saw the thumbnail pic of Annalyse sitting-UP on the sideline of my blog! No way is she getting that big already! What a doll baby!
    And love the pics of her sleeping! Didn't one of the boys also sleep with his lovey ear (or arm) in his mouth? Sweetness!

  3. So sweet! Look who's sitting!!! Go Annalyse.