Friday, February 11, 2011

The Simple Things

It's no secret that I've had sick kids this week. And I haven't been shy in letting you know how tired and oh-my-word-I'm-about-to-lose-it I have been.

The Simple Thing I've most appreciated this week has been the glider in Annalyse's room.
I've spent hours rocking here. Sleeping here. Reading here. Praying here. Crying here.
But, this Simple Thing has been wonderfully comfy - reclining at night when I've been rocking a gagging and coughing little one. And this Simple Thing has been wonderfully relaxing - positioned in warm afternoon sunlight to read and pray and relax (well, as relaxing as holding a sick little one can be).
What about you - what Simple Thing did you appreciate most this week?


  1. Love this! We have been talking a lot lately about getting rid of my glider. I don't use it nearly as much as I used too, but I just can't--not yet anyway! So many hours spent in that thing--rocking, feeding, soothing, and loving on my babies.

    Hope everyone continues to feel better!!!

  2. Today, I appreciated my job and how lucky I am to teach young people music. We sightread a piece of music today and even though it was very "raw", they literally brought me to tears. I was totally having a moment! :) THAT is why we play music and why I teach music!

    Hope the kids are back to 100% soon!!

  3. I've been meaning to post a message on here. I'm so glad you're documenting the good times and the hard times. Some day Annalyse, Lord willing, will be a mommy and she can look back over this blog see God's grace and know that you know how she feels in those tough moments!