Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day of Wuv

Over the past couple of weeks, the boys and I have spent some here-and-there time making things for Valentines Day and talking about the importance of telling others that we love them. 

Grady Lee has informed me that he will love me "even when I'm big like Daddy." Precious.

Micah has, however, declared that he "wuvs Daddy the most and Annalyse the most." Unprecious.

Several days back we made Luv Bugs. My boys are into anything bug-related. As they were busy painting them, I explained that they needed to hide them in a special place for Dad and for me. They needed to put them in a place that would surprise us and when we found them and then we'd know we were bitten by the Luv Bug.

The boys chose to "hide" the Luv Bugs for Dad in his office. When I asked Grady Lee why the office, he said "because Dad loves to work!" Huh - makes sense.
I discovered my Luv Bugs on the bookshelf. Grady Lee's reasoning: "because it has pictures of me and Micah and you love us lots." Alrighty then. There you have it.
Thank you Michaels Craft Stores for some ultra-cheap heart-shaped foam that my boys glued and added sparkles to. For any family member reading this, you just may discover one in a mailbox near you.
They had fun ripping and gluing tissue paper on paper plates to make wreaths. Not only did this keep them busy for a long time, they were 100% self-sufficient and didn't need my help at all. A win-win.
Micah wanted his hung on the mantle "just like the circle you hang at Christmastime, Mom."
And Grady Lee wanted his hung on the wall in the kitchen "so that everyone who comes in the back door will see them." I guess he thinks we have visitors that frequent our house and enter through the garage door.
And, what would Valentine's Day be without some baking? Cupcakes and frosting and sprinkles - oh my!
Can you guess which ones my little men decorated? If you're up for a sugar coma, come on over.
My Babe came home from work on Friday with some simple gifts of love: fresh flowers and M&Ms. He knows the way to my heart.
Happy Day of Wuv to each of you!


  1. Happy Wuv Day Sarah! Really cute fun! Our week has looked very similar! We made love bugs too only they were paper plate face bugs, we made heart wreaths and just today we made valentine treats. Sugar cookies and I splurged and bought frosting and sprinkles. Usually I make a powder sugar glaze and that’s it folks. My two loved it! I love the egg carton bugs. I'll have to try that next year or maybe we'll make Easter chicks and bunnies using those. I also love hiding them for Mommy and Daddy. So fun!

  2. Those Luv Bugs are adorable & what a cute idea for the kids to hide them for you & Grady! My kids would love that! And I'm going to have to remember the tissue paper wreaths...I love a "do-it-yourself" activity that keeps kids occupied for hours!
    Happy Wuv Day to you guys!
    PS: LOVE the photo you captured of Micah pouring the sprinkles, um, generously onto his cupcake!!!

  3. Love your little "luv bugs"! We made heart wreaths over kids are much older and they could not for the life of them figure out the concept of tissue paper! :-) Ah well!!!
    Happy Wuv day to you, sweet "TEXTING" friend!