Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick and Tired

Moment of truth: I'm sick and tired of caring for sick and tired children. 

I don't want to wipe another snotty nose. I don't want to remind another toddler to cover his mouth when he sneezes. I don't want to watch my infant's eyes burn red because she's coughing so hard. I don't want to miss another church service or Bible study or date night because someone is sick and needs me. I don't want to constantly watch the clock and wonder if it's time for another dose of meds. I don't want to discover another shredded tissue in the washing machine. And I really, really, really don't want to wake up at night and rock anyone to sleep because they don't feel well.

Okay? Can we agree on this? Can we reach a settlement of sorts? I hope so. Cause if not, this Momma is about to go AWOL. 

And, just for posterity's sake, can someone pretty puh-leeese let me if you, too, have felt this way? I'm overwhelmed with guilt for even thinking this, but I'm really reaching the end of my rope. In fact, I think I have fallen off the end and I'm now reaching back up just trying to grab the rope. Not exaggerating.

What?! No one else has felt this way? I guess parenting really does reveal the the ugly in me so that I can ask Jesus to get to work fixing me!

Despite having sick and tired little ones, I've tried to maintain some level of life-as-normal. I didn't know if I should feed a cold or starve a cold (kinda like you do with a fever), so I opted to feed it. We made cookies and each boy got his own plate so that germs were not shared.
Truth be told, we made cookies because I needed some sort of cheap pick-me-up and chocolate helped the immediate need.
And, chocolate frosting makes even berry flavored medicine go down a lot better.
Poor Annalyse has had such intense chest and head congestion and prefers to be upright - all.the.time. This doesn't bode well when it's time to sleep.
Her teeny-tiny feet barely scrape the floor of her exersaucer, but she's happy as can be. And, trust me, at this stage of the sick-and-tired game, happy is all I'm after.
Her brothers are proud of the fact that "she can stand up all by herself now! Maybe she can ride bikes with us soon, too, huh Mom?" Whoa - simmer down boys - let's not propel her to age three just yet.
Although the boys have been sick and tired, they've been content, for the most part, to play at home and find new ways to play with old toys.
I guess making "sleeping bags" next to the "parking garage" is the optimal way to do puzzles. Or so I was told.
And, never fear, when you need some immediate jack-hammer work, Micah is ready and roaring to go. Annalyse was not a fan of the drilling and made that known really quick.
Once she calmed down, she sat and looked at Micah with the most sullen and soberest of looks. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. But in a cute kind of way.
When puzzles got boring, Nerf guns filled the void. The higher the bullet stuck, the better.
Oh, and let's not forget games on my phone. I think they may use the phone more than I do and I know they are better than me at the games on my phone. How can a three and four year old just know how to win some of those games without even trying?
[Insert raised glass of sparkling grape juice.] 

Here's to a new week. A new day. A new chance to get over my attitude of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

P.S. And, for the record, blowouts like this do not help the situation, Miss Annalyse.


  1. Oh so sorry you're having a rough time in NC. Wasn't it you who just reminded me to never apologize for telling the truth? Yes, we've all been there...and yes, I'm sick and tired of things too (thankfully we're all better at the moment). But I'm still sick and tired of lots of things...sick and tired of the cold, sick and tired of the snow, sick and tired of overly emotional little girls and trying to keep my cool as to not be guilty of the same thing...the list could go on. Love you and will say extra prayers for you and your sick kids tonight! xoxo p.s. The other day I was about to go "AWOL" and I took a breath, told the girls to that we were going to plug our ears and all scream. They looked at me strangly and said 'ok'. After a few good screams, we were all laughing. :)

  2. I hear ya, Sarah & I have felt that way, too...right now I'm struggling with being really sick myself & the kids KNOW that & yet somehow they still need me every minute & want to show me every little thing, when I just desparately need to rest & not be woken up by a gong...yes Sophie literally came into my room today with a cookie sheet that she banged on her knee...I don't think she meant to, but still it was a rather abrupt awakening!
    Thanks for keeping it real, sista!!

  3. My poor sweet friend! Even with all this sick and tiredness you managed to make it fun for your kids! True sacrifice.
    Love ya!
    Praying everyone is feeling better soon!!!

  4. Hey, Sarah. Greetings from snowy Chicago! I haven't read your blog since shortly after Annalyse was born. But I totally understand how you feel right now. Been there. I'm there right now. It seems I've had a sick kid for a month between the two boys. Praise the Lord is does get better as they get older. Anna doesn't get very many colds now. Ps. 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Ps. 103:2, 3 Praise the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits - who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.