Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life As Usual

It's Thursday already and I can't really believe that the weekend begins tomorrow. I haven't done anything crazy fun this week. I haven't been running nonstop. I haven't had sick kids. I have no adventures, so to speak of. But, for some reason or another, I'm wondering where time went and how today is already Thursday!

We've stayed busy with the daily tid-bits of school work. Grady Lee is insistent that he is "in kindergarten just like my fwends at church. Cause I'm almost five and can write my name now." I guess his standard for kindergarten is a bit low. We'll keep working on that.
Micah, too, thinks he is in kindergarten, but that's just because he copies everything that Grady Lee says and does. And, can someone please give me suggestions on how to teach a very stubborn and independent newly-three-year old how to hold a pencil?! Check out his grip... and he will not change it no matter what tactic I try.
Speaking of kindergarten, I browsed a home school consignment store the other day and was worse that a kid in a candy shop. I am geeky-nerdy when it comes to books. A friend was watching my kids for an hour so I could look without interruption... I glanced at my watch and realized an hour had passed and I had only made it through the Science and Math sections! I'm excited to go back and gear up for next year.

In other news, Little Miss Thing is getting bigger and bigger. She has enjoyed her newest sitting position in her doorway jumper and absolutely loves it! She is still a lightweight and her feet don't reach the ground. But, I think just being in the upright position has changed her perspective on life and she much prefers it.
She gets so happy and starts flapping her arms and squealing. Her uncontrolled facial expressions say it all.
Happy Thursday to all... and to all a Good Weekend!


  1.! Those pics of Annalyse in the jumper are TOO cute!!! What a doll baby!
    A trick they use with the 3 & 4 year old classes at preschool is to actually break all of the crayons into small bits...if the piece is tiny, you HAVE to hold it the proper way because there is not enough to grasp in the hand. It is part of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum & seems to work very well. I know they have used it with much success for many years...

  2. Oh, and I was going to say that I cannot believe that you have been home all week!!! And also, you are going to be a super home-school mom, my hat is off to you!!

  3. Give Micah time. I never pushed anything with the boys until they showed the interest. Noah is 4.5 and holds his pencil correct, but a little loose which makes writing hard. They always come around with practice though. Oh my word, a home school consignment store...we don't have anything great like that up here. Although there is a huge home school group to share things with. I can so relate...LOVE books of all kinds for my kids!! Homeschooling is a blessing isn't it:) Your boys seems to have a blast and why wouldn't they with a great mommy/teacher like you!!