Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Things Boys Enjoy

Thank goodness for friends who are out and about and full of fun (and free!) ideas for keeping kids busy. And, thanks goodness for friends who blog and share all their secrets so that I can play copy-cat mom.

A friend recently posted about her family's adventures at a local Lego store. What? A Lego store? Here, in our city? I had no idea. But, since I have a four-year old that has just recently gotten into the Lego craze, I was excited to discover this.

Monday morning I loaded the kids up and told them we were going somewhere fun. They both asked if that meant Monkey Joe's. I said no. They both asked if that meant Chuck E Cheese. I said no. They both asked if that meant Chick Fil A. I said no. Then, in all seriousness, Grady Lee says, "If it's not any of those places then I don't know what fun thing it could be. Those are the only fun places we've ever been before." 


I guess the hundred trips to the lake don't count. Or the visits to Carowinds Theme Park. Or the puppets and stories and crafts at the library. Or the bazillion visits to different parks and playgrounds.

After much begging, I told them we were going to go play at a Lego store in the mall, and if they were obedient, we'd get a hamburger for lunch in the food court. Much to my relief, they both yelled that my plan did sound fun. Whew.
We spent almost an hour in the Lego store - building, racing, building, toppling, building, and exploring.
They now have an multitude of "things that I need to put on my Christmas list for Santa." Good thing it's only January and we're already gearing up for next Christmas.
I sat down to build for a few minutes, and both boys were quick to tell me that my tower "wasn't very good because it didn't have a good base." Humph. I'm already being corrected.
Annalyse just sat and smiled and cooed. Actually, she was squealing and cackling quite loudly. She has recently discovered her lungs and isn't afraid to let out some good yells. Sometimes I have to look around the room and verify that it's her I hear and not a pterodactyl on the loose.
When Grady Lee's tower collapsed and he started to get upset and lose self-control (take that you strong-base-preacher-you), we left and headed to the food court for lunch.
Lunch was quickly put on hold once they realized there was a carousal there to ride! Since Micah was just under the height requirement, I had to get on, along with Annalyse. He was not a fan of wearing the seat belt either. "I don't like this cause it's for babies and I'm not a baby, Mom!"
Thankfully, Annalyse stayed asleep and never made a peep, despite the carnival music and spinning platform.
We had a very ketchupy lunch - a couple of packets is never enough - and then the boys ran and climbed in the play area. All in all, a fun three-hour morning out, and three tired kids ready for afternoon naps. Nice!
Grady came home from work yesterday evening, and the boys literally pounced on him and and asked over and over, "Can we play rough? Can we play rough?" 

Playing rough is equivalent to wrestling. And rolling on top of each other. And throwing balls at each other. And jumping on top of each other. You know, all the fun things that little boys love to do and know that Mom absolutely will not do so they have to wait until Dad gets home before they can have some real fun?

Here's a glimpse of the boys playing rough that is in the words of Grady Lee, "lots and lots of fun and lets me use my strong muscles!"


  1. I love the precious things your boys say! And it is funny how their little brains can only hold onto about 3 "fun" things at a time! I'm so glad that you had an enjoyable outing!

  2. Oh...we so have to try this place out. It looks like the perfect spot to let little boys have fun!
    Glad you enjoyed you day out!

  3. As the mother of, soon-to-be, FOUR boys I always think I must be doing something wrong since most of the time they just want to wrestle, throw balls and play rough as well. What about some nice quiet book reading or playing school with the girls, ha it is not to be...unless it is a midevil school and there are swords involved!