Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Months

Two months have come and gone already! Annalyse, you are growing and smiling and are a true delight to have in our family.

You have a great routine each day and are very easy-going. If you're comfy and cozy you have no trouble napping. We're still working on getting you to sleep through the night. Hopefully month three will be THE month!
You are wrapped around Daddy's little finger. All you need to do is smile and his heart melts.
You seem to like a pacifier when you're tired, and it's been a great soother so that you don't have to be held or rocked. Your brothers argue over who gets to put it back in your mouth when you spit it out. I'm pretty sure they love you lots and lots too!
Nine times out of ten you're decked out in pink, and ten times out of ten you look adorable.
Today's doctor visit showed you to be 10 pounds (25%) and 22.5 inches (50%). Still little, which I love!

Sometimes I wish I could sit and just stare at you - I never get tired of thinking about how fearfully and wonderfully you are made. God did a miraculous thing when he knitted you together and placed you in my arms.
You are coming out of the sleepy-newborn phase. You are awake lots and do a "happy dance" when I place you on your play mat. You smile, kick your legs, and flap your arms as fast as you can. Personally, I get a headache when I look at the multi-colored mat with a hundred different things that move and squeak and dangle, but you sure seem to enjoy it.
And, your brothers enjoy it too. I'm actually not sure who enjoys it more - you or them!
You do not, I repeat, do not enjoy tummy time. You last all of 10 seconds before you are howling to be picked up or moved. Your brothers would always fall asleep on their tummies, but not you. Not a chance.
Your brothers love you bunches and bunches. Grady Lee insists on holding you and kissing you every morning "so that (you) she knows I love her in case she forgot when she went to sleep at night." I'm so happy for two brothers who like to make you smile and who shower you with kisses! I think they will be your big protectors and helpers as you grow. No way is anyone going to mess with you when you have them around!
You like to be on the floor where you are free to kick and squirm. You're not rolling over yet, but you are making every attempt to get your legs going and see what's on each side of you.
In fact, if I walk away for a few minutes and come back, you have usually kicked yourself off a blanket or gotten yourself all tied up in your clothes. Already a mover and a shaker!
Annalyse, you are sugar and spice and everything nice! I love, love, love dressing you each morning and am giddy-excited that I have a reason for smocked dresses and bows. I've tried shoes on you, but your feet are so tiny they fall right off. And as for tights, well, I've opted to put them on you even though they give you saggy-baggy elephant ankles!
Sweet dreams, Baby Girl. You are growing so fast each day... tomorrow will be here before I know it, and then the next tomorrow, and then the next.

I love you Sweetheart!


  1. What a sweet post Sarah! She is adorable and I love how her brothers love and care for her. So glad your enjoying three! :-) Geneva

  2. Annalyse is sooooo sweet & I can't believe 2 months have passed already! You have transitioned with ease to a "mom of 3" and are doing a great job!
    I love little Grady Lee's comment about extra kisses in case she forgot when she was sleeping, awwww!

  3. She is adorable. She looks so much like her brothers. Pretty baby!!!

  4. She is just the cutest, sweetest, pink-est;), little thing EVER! LOVE all the precious pics!