Saturday, November 27, 2010

Randomness... Total Randomness

There is no rhyme or reason to this post. It's helter-skelter and makes no sense. But, since I know my mom checks this regularly for new pics and updates on her grandkids (I think 90% of my page hits come from her), I thought I better post something. 

Honestly, have you seen a sweeter face or a more darling smile? This Baby Girl lights up my day. Too precious for words.
Grady Lee got busy cutting coupons the other day. I figure we gotta start him young while he's impressionable.
Here's a glimpse of Grady Lee playing soccer this past season. He's #6 and you'll easily spot him. He's the one running in circles around the ball rather than to the ball. He's also the one who runs while looking down so he can watch his arms "help me pump to run real fast." 
Grady recently spent a week in NYC. The boys looked forward to the pictures Daddy emailed every day of the things he saw and did there: ferry rides, Statue of Liberty, subway, taxi cab, tall buildings, etc. Being the thoughtful Dad that he is, he picked up a small gift for the boys before coming home.
Silly Bands! I know my boys don't have a clue what they are - they're young enough that they don't notice the kids at church that wear them all the way up to their elbows. But, they still thought the "bracelets shaped like animals" were very cool.
Last Saturday we spent a few hours at a birthday party for one of Micah's friends. Silly faces, laughing, rough-housing, and lots of chasing were all part of the fun.
The kids all decorated several snow flakes and Christmas ornaments. Decorated as in loaded up on stickers and glitter. The girls were dainty and strategic in where they placed things. Not so much with my boys: they more or less globbed and dumped things wherever they landed.
The weather was great so we played several relay races outside. Here are the boys with the Birthday Girl!
And, here is proof that I was actually there. Annalyse simply looked cute and slept the entire time. Have I mentioned before that she is a great baby?
Time for cake! Besides gifts, the highlight of any birthday party, right? I think my boys were served a plate of sugar that beats out all other sugar they have consumed in their entire lifetimes. But, since the host served it I couldn't argue... bring on the cake and ice-cream!
So there you have it: Total Randomness.


  1. Annalyse is soooo precious! Seeing pics makes me want another little baby girl of my own! Wish I could hold her! Give her hugs and kisses from Auntie Sarah!

  2. Totally CUTE randomness! Your kids are precious & Annalyse has the best smile!!!

  3. cute photos and great memories! So glad that your baby girl is so easy : )