Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkeys and Trees

Thanksgiving. I'm so over my longing for turkey and sweet potatoes. I've ate enough to last me until next year. In fact, I told Grady he better finish the left-overs STAT or I was going to dump them because I couldn't stand the sight or smell of turkey or potatoes anymore. But, the actual Thanksgiving meal was delicious. Yummy, wonderful, and filling.

Some friends invited us over for the day, and since we opted not to travel out of state to visit family this year, we were happy for friends to relax with.

Grady baked up a mean apple pie. Unfortunately, there weren't any left-overs of this. I need to put him on assignment sometime soon because this pie was good!
I love walking into a home and being knocked over with the smells of things cooking and baking and simmering. Thanks to the Robinson's for making the main course and doing so par excellence!
I'm personally not a fan of green bean casserole, but Grady is. I am, however, a huge fan of sweet potato casserole. I mean, really, if I'm supposed to eat vegetables, why not load 'em up with sugar and cinnamon?!
Annalyse had constant entertainment - which meant I had free arms for most of the day.
Holiday desserts with the Robinson's are always creative: bunny cupcakes at Easter and Oreo turkeys at Thanksgiving. Don't tell, but I'm sneaking our family over for Christmas dessert...!
Black Friday did not involve shopping. Instead, we decorated the house and kicked off the Christmas season with popcorn and The Polar Express. It was relaxing. It was cozy. It was family. It was perfect!
December 1st is tomorrow. My Christmas shopping is almost done. I have a list of baking and craft ideas to do with the boys. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the middle of January is booked with family fun and church-related things. Bring on the most wonderful time of year!


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The food looked DELICIOUS!!!

    This IS a busy time of year, but I'm with you...BRING IT ON!!!

  2. What GREAT pictures! I love the last on of your 3 boys on the couch watching TV!
    This is the BEST time of year & sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving & start to the Christmas season!