Friday, November 12, 2010

The Simple Things

A couple of days ago I was giving my boys a bath, which happened to be in the garden tub in our bathroom. The boys love baths in our tub because they can "swim like in the pool" and "put our faces under the water and make good bubbles." While they are busy having fun, I'm busy trying to keep the splashing from all the "swimming" to a minimum.

Several minutes into the happy time of swimming, Grady Lee suddenly stood up and shouted, "Look at the beautiful leaves God made change colors, Mom!" This was proclaimed while his wet and soapy hands were excitedly wiping the window.
My initial reaction was to sternly ask him to sit down and stop making a mess on the window. But, when I saw the innocence in his eyes and when I pondered the fact that he stopped his fun time of swimming to candidly give God praise for the pretty leaves, I lowered my voice and joined him in looking at the woods to enjoy all the colors.
The Simple Things: Changing leaves. Brilliant colors. And an excited toddler that noticed it all.
I love the Fall. It's my favorite time of year. And, after bath time earlier this week, I made an intentional point to stop and notice the leaves as I was out and about this week. Winter is coming and the trees will soon be bare, which will make take on an entirely different form of beauty. But for now, I'm choosing to enjoy The Simple Things in the colors of Fall.


  1. I just took some similar leaf photos this morning...I love this time of year & little Grady is right, how AMAZING is our God to give us this wonderful display every year!

  2. I is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, what a view from your bathtub window! No wonder you like baths so much!!! :-)

  3. fall is my favorite time of year as well!