Monday, November 15, 2010

Nutin' Much

A low-key weekend. Finally. (Hip-Hip-Hooray!)

The boys played like best friends all day on Friday - music to my ears. They go in spurts of what toys they do and don't like. Currently, they're back into Matchbox cars and racing them everywhere. It's not unusual to see them sprawled on the kitchen floor with a broom or a wooden spoon in hand trying to swipe out cars that have run under the stove. It's also not unusual to hear extremely loud VROOOM's followed by small crashes as the cars race into the floorboards.
Now that Annalyse smiles and tries her hardest to coo and laugh, the boys are highly entertained to shake a rattle to make her smile. As gentle as they try to be, they seem to compete with each other over who can produce the biggest smile from her, which results in 17 toys being shoved in her face and rattled in her ears. No doubt this chica will be one tough cookie as she grows up!
Friday evening Grady and I joined some friends for dinner out followed by coffee at Starbucks. Thank goodness for gift cards that covered dinner and coffee... if only we had a gift card for the babysitter. Date Nights seem to be few these days, so a few hours without toddlers and booster seats and sippy cups and crayons at dinner was nice.

Saturday was the last soccer game of the season. A sort-of-happy and sort-of-sad day. Getting three kids ready and to the soccer field by 8:45 am is a challenge, but watching Grady Lee run and kick with the team and watching Micah cheer on the sides has been fun. Oh yes - and watching my handsome husband trot around the field and (try to) coach four year olds in soccer basics has been fun too.
Annalyse has slept through every soccer game she has attended. I'm pretty sure the other parents on the sidelines think I'm pretending that I have a baby in the stroller since I've never actually held her or heard a peep out of her while there. But, if I had a pile of warm blankets on me and was reclined in a comfy chair, I'd probably doze as well.
Grady Lee was beyond excited to receive his first ever trophy. "I have a special prize from my coach who is also my Daddy! Can I put it on my shelf and keep it there always?" The real exciting thing? The plaque on the front says it's presented to "GraNdy Peeler." Nice. Truly makes for a personal keepsake.
Sunday was wonderfully relaxing. The boys begged Grady to "play rough and wrestle" so that gave me a nice break to enjoy my Baby Girl and get some darling smiles. 

She is losing hair each day - always a few stray ones in her bed each morning. The interesting thing is that it's falling off the top but not the sides. I've decided this is okay, though, because mullets are highly-fashionable here in the South.
I could just eat her up! In fact, sometimes I sort of do with all the kisses I lather on those little, but-really-starting- to-pudge, cheeks.
Although our weekend was relaxing and stress-free, the circumstances some friends are facing weighed heavy on my heart. Sometimes I look at the decisions they are faced with, the stresses that are a part of their daily life, and the tensions that make each day difficult, and I'm humbled and brought to tears when I see that they can still find joy, can still find reasons to smile, and can still find reasons to be content with circumstances. Only faith in God can do that. What a precious testimony of what it means to rest in His great love and peace.


  1. Amen to that last paragraph, it is so humbling & encouraging to see friends who are walking through trials with joy & complete trust in God.
    What a nice weekend, we all need weekends like those! And all those pictures of sweet, HAPPY Annalyse are completely adorable! She's a gem!

  2. Payton lost the hair on top of her head when she was that age : ) So glad you had a nice weekend.

  3. tatum had that same sleeper, it was my favorite. it was a newborn so she only wore it for a week or two, but i stuck it on as often as i could! -erica