Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've had a lot of people ask, "How's it going with three kids? Is it a big adjustment?" I'm never really sure how to answer. It's a yes and no kind of answer, but I usually feel like I'm expected to say yes.

Yes - being out and about is a new challenge. I feel like I need to apologize over the loud speaker when I enter the grocery store with three kids, all under the age of five, in tow. Getting three kids ready and in the car, out of the car, into the church, up the elevator, and to their classes for mid-week Bible study is, to everyone but me, most likely comical. 
No - Annalyse is still new enough that she she spends most of her day sleeping. She's happy to be plopped anywhere that's comfy and will snooze away.
Yes - I'm tired all the time! Lucky Annalyse can sleep anytime and anywhere, but is unfortunately not sleeping all night. And all that advice to, "Sleep when the baby sleeps," is mush. Seriously? If I did that, I'm curious who would clean our house, do our laundry, make our meals, and run our errands.
Yes - the boys would much rather be "bye bye to someplace fun" instead of playing at home. (This is Micah's constant request.) But, being "bye-bye to someplace fun" is sort of limited since I've got a newborn that frequently nurses and a stroller and diaper bag to lug around.

No - I've had nine-plus months to gear up for this! I was ready for Number Three a while ago... I'm just never ready for nine months of being sick and pregnant.
But really, when I stop at look at this precious face and this sweet smile, how can I not love the adjustment? Is there really anything better than a hugable, kissable, lovable little one? Nope. 
And, is there really anything better than two boys who call each other their best friend, and are, for the most part, inseparable? Nope. 
So, to answer your questions, I'm adjusting quite well. No regrets. No worries. No moments of being totally and completely overwhelmed. There are for sure changes in our pace of life and changes in our routine. But you know what? I already look forward to Number Four someday, Lord willing!


  1. From what I've seen, you are adjusting like a pro & make it look easy! And regarding your getting into church for Bible Study (or going anywhere for that matter)...I can TOTALLY relate to those feelings that everyone is looking at you & finding the situation quite humorous...I feel that way all the time!

  2. if i had a dollar for every time someone said 'wow, you have your hands full' i could add to your coat fund :)
    but seriously, adding one always takes adjustment, but i've found that the newest one is always the least amount of work. it's those big kids that keep me hopping! -erica