Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crunch, Crunch - Take 2

More nice weather = more adventures in the leaves. This time Grady Lee gave Annalyse permission to ride in the stroller instead of "the pouch like a kangaroo." The boys grabbed their buckets for the treasures they were certain to find, and we were off.
Beautiful colors everywhere! I'm partial to Fall in Michigan. Having grown up there, I can honestly say the colors seem to be the most brilliant there. But, the Fall in North Carolina may offer a close second. It beats out the only other two places I've lived: Ohio and Illinois.
My boys kept themselves entertained for a llooonngg time by jumping off a boulder and into a pile of leaves. If I heard them correctly, they were actually jumping out of a tower that was on fire. They are so into being firemen right now that it seems to permeate everything we do.
Jumping into leaves inevitably led to rolling in the leaves, which inevitably led to getting wet in the leaves, which inevitably led to getting muddy in the leaves.
After the boys were sufficiently muddy, I suggested we keep walking toward the creek and they could throw stones in to see who could make the biggest splash. They were off and running before I finished talking.
Stone-throwing quickly took a backseat to their fun idea of "exploring on the rocks to be sure there isn't any fire." Fine by me - that just meant I had a perfect opportunity to sit down and relax. And, I knew that if there was any hint of fire, I would be warned pronto.
Annalyse slept, of course, and I snapped a few pics of the beautiful trees and creek. I love this walking trail that winds through our neighborhood. It had actually been almost over a month since the boys and I had visited it.
An hour and a half quickly passed during our walk and romp in the leaves. During that time, some gray clouds had wandered in and were threatening to rain. I was eager to head home to avoid getting wet. My boys, however, explained that "the dark clouds were going to help get the fire out." Ahh, of course.


  1. Love all of the action pics! Looks like a beautiful walk on a beautiful day!

    The pic of the stroller with the pretty leaves in the background is really cute, too!

  2. Cute pics of those ADORABLE kids! Hope y'all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!