Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paint and Glue and Glitter and Other Messes

I had to laugh the other day when someone asked me why I haven't posted anything lately about the crafts I usually do with my boys. This was funny because, well, because I don't enjoy doing crafts! I do them because my boys like it and because I figure someone has to teach them how to cut and glue and paint if they're not in preschool. 

And, deep down, I still have lingering resentment toward my elementary school teachers that chided my inability to cut a straight line or keep glue in the right place or paint without spilling. I used to cringe when it was art time at school. I still cringe at "Ladies Craft Nights" and other such fun, but I'm getting much better at it.

Well, I assure you we've maintained our pace of getting messy making a craft or two each week. Here are a few pics of some of what we've been up to this Fall:

I sliced an apple in half and the boys dipped it in paint and stamped it to make a tree. For leaves, the boys sprinkled green glitter, which I'm still finding on the kitchen floor.
I drew pumpkins and acorns and leaves with glue, and the boys stuck dry beans and dry pumpkin seeds to each shape. 
If I had a dime for every time Grady Lee exclaimed, "This is so much fun, Mom!" I'd be off to the races in search of a new winter coat. Yes, I've decided that this is the year of a new winter coat. I haven't had a new one in about six years and it's high time I got one... right?! (Pretty slick how I slipped that in here, huh? I just hope my husband is actually reading this post.)
We made our share of apple-cinnamon bread, and pumpkin bread, and brownies with Fall-colored sprinkles. YUM to everything with Fall flavors!
We, of course, did the traditional hand-stamp-turkeys as well. After stamping hands, the boys glued on google eyes, stuck on feathers, and glitter glued on some legs and a gobbler... or whatever the ugly dangly thing is called.
And, last but not least, what is a celebration of Fall without acknowledging the Indians and Pilgrims? I showed the boys some examples of making an Indian headdress or a Pilgrim hat. They were all about the feathers so I got out the supplies for Indian headdresses.
They enjoyed running around the house for a while, slapping their hand over their mouths and howling while they chased "bad guys who were hiding upstairs." Thanks goodness I'm well protected around here.


  1. Precious, precious! And I do say that you are becoming a Crafty Mom yet, and a rather awesome one at that!!

  2. I am not good at doing crafts with the girls! Thanks for the ideas :)

  3. LOL!!! I am crafty.... but have pretty much not done crafts with my kids. Never sent them to preschool, either. I think they're all turning out pretty well. My daughter makes up for it, though, by coming up with all kinds of projects on her own. Hats off to you! You are a wonderful mama, making memories along with the messes!!! Blessings!