Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crunch, Crunch

The sky was blue. The sun was warm. My boys begged me "to take a walk in the crunchy leaves." Grady Lee  was the careful planner and even suggested I "put Annalyse in the pouch like a kangaroo so that you don't bring the stroller in the woods." Translation: Annalyse went in the Baby Bjorn for our excursion.
We ventured down the slope in the yard to the woods behind the house. The boys ran and jumped to see who could make the biggest crunch sound in the leaves.
Micah decided it would be fun to make "the leaves rain on us" and threw bunches of them in the air over and over again.
When Grady Lee got bored with Micah's leaves raining on him, he declared that they should "pretend to be bears hunting in the woods" and they got on all fours and took off roaring. I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking as they casually peeped out their windows to see what was happening in the usually quiet backyard woods.
The explored and investigated and pretended and jumped... and got dirty.
Annalyse and I? Oh, we just enjoyed being in the wonderful weather and seeing the pretty colors. And we occasionally dodged sticks, rocks, and acorns that were thrown our way, all because "the bears don't like you taking their pictures, Mom." Oops. My bad.
I love being outside. I love living in North Carolina where it's enjoyable to be outside most of the year. I love living in a home that backs up to a little boys dream for a playground. And mostly I love that my boys are each others bestest buddy.